2015’s Best Traffic For Advertiser

Many people asked a lot over the years, where can I buy traffic for my website?

This is a tough question to answer because it depends on so many factors.

The truth is there isn’t a single traffic source out there that is the best for everyone.

Some people will have success with a source, while others will fail.

Why Is This?

Each traffic source has a unique type of audience that is engaged in different ways.

Take Youtube for example, that audience is watching videos for a variety of different reasons.

What you must realize is all the visitors to Youtube have one thing in common.

They want to consume video content. 

So if your site or offer doesn’t have any video content then Youtube likely won’t work for you.

On the other hand, if you offer a ton of helpful videos that already convert visitors into leads, then Youtube is the place to be!

Brent, if I’m just starting out how do I know which traffic source will be the best for me?

Pretty simple, you have to test which source work for you and which ones don’t.

Now there are a TON of traffic sources out there.

However, not all should be considered equal!

This may not be the largest list of sources on the net, but it is the most informative.

Note that many of these traffic sources, have many types of products.


What is Paid Search?

Paid search as the name suggests is traffic that comes from advertisements placed on search engines. These ads usually come in the form of text ads and sometimes banner ads. Paid search allows you to bid on keywords allowing you to advertise to visitors who are actively searching for your product or service. Paid search is a great choice for marketers looking to promote most products and services.

Google Adwords 


Tons of traffic. Google has 75.2 percent of the search market, not including mobile. Tons of tools and ways to optimize your campaigns. Ability to scale your campaign, once you find some winning metrics.


Highly competitive and expensive as hell. We’re talking over $100 per click for more competitive industries. Very picky with what they allow on their network. Very high chance of account suspension if you don’t follow the rules.


Yes I know, almost everyone and their mother knows what Adwords is already. However, because of it’s massive market share if you want scale, then you want Adwords. If you’re brand new to paid traffic I would stay away from Adwords personally. Why? Because you can lose your budget in a matter of minutes if you mess up.

Google Adwords Links:
Signup To Adwords
Essential AdWords Courses
Adwords Editor





YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Many of you are probly surprised I’m considering YouTube a paid search traffic source. The awesome thing about YouTube is there is a TON of traffic and it’s still very cheap. I’ve gotten my cost per visitor down to $.02 CPC. Not often can you get search traffic this cheap.


Like I mentioned above, the audience on YouTube is very different than other search engines. What I mean by this is you have to have video content on YouTube to be able to drive traffic. This may be a con for some companies that have never created video before. I’ve also noticed 75%+ of your traffic won’t watch more than 30 seconds of your video.


If you have some kick ass video content, then YouTube is the place for you. I’ve gotten several campaigns to work on YouTube because traffic is cheap and plentiful. Just be sure to put call to actions throughout your video and try to capture their attention in the first 5-10 seconds of the video. No long winded introductions, just hope right into the meat of your content.

Advertise On YouTube


Bing Ads (Updated)


Bing & Yahoo are teamed up. If you create a campaign on Bing Ads you show up on both Bing.com & Yahoo.com properties. Traffic is often both higher quality and much cheaper than compared to Google. Bing is very forgiving and approves almost any campaign.


About 1/10th of the traffic Google can provide. Can’t scale your campaign very much once you do find a winner.


If you believe Paid Search is the way to go for your business then I would definitely test out bing ads. Your chances of finding a winner are much higher and will cost you much less. However, don’t expect to be spending over $100-200 a day in most niches.

Signup To Bing




Gemini has a nice clean interface that makes setting up any campaign a breeze. Even though Gemini is relatively new, I’ve already ran quite a few successful campaigns on it. It is quite easy to get clicks for .05 CPC in the US for Display. Yahoo inventory is usually an older audience, which means they have more money and frequently purchase.


So far Yahoo is following in the steps of Google in the sense that they’re very picky on what they allow. Also, if you plan to run search campaigns on Gemini the CPC is quite expensive for both mobile and Desktop inventory.


Gemini still isn’t known by many advertisers so that alone has it’s advantages. If you’re already successfully running on Google & Bing and want to expand your traffic I highly suggest trying out Gemini.

Advertise on Gemini




High-quality traffic that’s fairly cheap. It’s pretty surprising how few advertisers are actually using Yandex. Very clean interface and many friendly marketing tools.


Unless you’re wanting to advertise in Russia, Yandex won’t have very much volume.


I’ve ran quite a bit of traffic with Yandex and overall I’m very pleased with the platform. If you’ve already tested both Google & Bing and are looking to diversify your traffic in paid search. Then Yandex is a great option for you.

Signup To Yandex


7 Search


Very transparent when it comes to showing it’s rankings & price per click costs. So keywords are very cheap to rank for. I’ve gotten traffic at .05 CPC for several head terms.


Every internet marketing newbie flocks here, because several blogs push it as a go to source. Since everything is transparent, you often get outbid by a penny every couple of hours. Making it very difficult to get any solid data.


If you’re just looking to dabble in paid search to get your feet wet, then by all means check out 7 Search. However, if you’re looking to actually generate enough sales to make more than $10-15 dollars a day, I wouldn’t waste my time.

Signup To 7 Search




Massive Asian search traffic.


Very difficult to get up and running with Baidu, unless you speak Mandarin. Not much traffic outside of the Asian Market.


I’ve never ran traffic with Baidu. As every time I’ve tried has been very difficult for me. With the growth of the Chinese market however in mobile Baidu is a huge opportunity.

Signup To Baidu

Useful Tools & Resources


Paid Tools

  • WordStream: Is a premium tool that helps you analyze your Adwords campaigns and gives suggestions on how to improve your ROI.Cost: $199/mo to $399/mon
  • SEMrush: Is a great tool for doing competitor analysis. You simply type in a competitors URL and you can instantly see what they rank for organically and what keywords they’re bidding on in Adwords.Cost: $79.95/mo to $149.95/mo
  • SpyFu: Very similar to SEMRush, SpyFu allows you to spy on your competitors keywords and budgets on Adwords. More than 7 years of history plus current SEO & PPC data for keywords, domains and URLsCost: $79/mo to $999/mo
  • AdGooRoo: Shows keyword data, but also show a ton of other paid search data pointssuch as CTR, Ad Copy and various other useful metrics.

Free Tools

  • Google Analytics: Arguably the most powerful tool you’ll ever need. Though Google has taken away some of its power over the years. Such as “hiding” the exact keywords a visitor came in on. It’s still allows you to track clicks, conversions & even allows you to split test.
  • Google Trends: Google trends is a great way to see whats up and coming in popularity. I personally use Google Trends to make custom paid search campaigns that piggyback of daily, weekly & monthly trends.


What is Social Media Traffic?

Social media traffic comes in the form of banner and text ads found on some of the most popular websites in the world. Social media companies are able to collect a lot of information about their users and in turn allow their advertisers to use that information. Because of this social media traffic has some of the best demographics targeting you can find. This allows you to drill down and find exactly what type of visitors turn into customers. Social media traffic is perfect for marketers looking to expand their brand awareness by promoting shareable, useful content.


Facebook back in 2014 passed 1.19 billion monthly active users. So just like Google Adwords, if you run traffic on Facebook you can scale your campaigns like crazy. Facebook also has awesome demographics targeting. Allowing you to target audiences that already show interest in your industry or product.


Once again just like Adwords, Facebook is super competitive and because of this prices are pretty steep. Also, depending on how targeted you get with your demographics your ads will become stale very quickly. This will result in your CTR dropping and thus your CPM or CPC increasing.


I’ve ran a hell of a lot of traffic on Facebook personally and have a love-hate relationship with the platform. I love the fact that if I can find something that’s working I can scale it to the moon. However, because of the nature of the traffic running a campaign properly on Facebook will take a lot of your time and resources. Finally, Facebook likes to break redirects so it makes it very difficult to track campaigns with some marketing tools.

Advertise on Facebook


Twitter Ads


Though Twitter is smaller than Facebook 288 Million monthly active users in 2014. From what I’ve experienced Twitter has much higher quality traffic. Also, since Twitter has really been pushing out more ad products in 2015 there is a ton of opportunity. Just like Facebook, Twitter has incredible demographic targeting and has even recently introduced keyword targeting.


The only real con I’ve experiences thus far with Twitter, is their lack of ad types. However, like I mentioned in the cons, they have been really pushing out new ad products this year. The other con is Twitter ads are pretty expensive out the gate, so unless you already have converting demographic metrics expect to have a large burn budget to get a significant data set.


Personally, I love Twitter as both a social network and a traffic source. I would even go on to say it’s one of the traffic sources that I’m most excited about here in 2015. If you’re not running on Twitter yet, I highly suggest you start.

Advertise on Twitter


Linkedin Ads


If you’re advertising B2B then Linkedin is the place to be. Just like many other social Linkedin has great demographics targeting. Linkedin is also one of the best places to advertise your product to get in front of decision-makers. The traffic quality is super high quality for a select number of niches.


One of the most expensive social traffic sources that I’m aware of. I ran a $25 campaign and literally only got 2 clicks. Unless you have a very high life term value for each customer you bring in, you’ll likely struggle getting Linkedin profitable.


I’ve only ran a few campaigns on Linkedin and even though I did get conversions, overall the traffic was just too expensive for what I running. If you’re a recruiting agency or B2B SaaS company, then Linkedin is perfect for you.

Advertise on Linkedin



If you’re promoting content that is very shareable, like this post ;). Then StumbleUpon Ads are a great way to get the ball rolling. I’ve had $25-50 dollar spend campaigns bring in over 8,000+ visits in a single day.


StumbleUpons traffic all and all is very low quality. That is just the nature of StumbleUpon, the users just click a button to go the next page. Expect to have people on your site for 5 seconds or less.


I’ve used StumbleUpon quite a bit through my internet marketing career. If done right, StumbleUpon can bring you links to your site, social shares and tons of traffic outside of the StumbleUpon community. Make sure your content is eye-catching and extremely useful as you only have a few seconds to capture their interest. Don’t expect to directly send StumbleUpon visitors to your sales page as it likely wont work.

Advertise on StumbleUpon


Reddit has 174 Million MAU the majority of which are tech “geeks” and gamers. Reddit’s traffic is very high quality if your product or service is appealing to this audience. Reddit is only unique in the fact that when you buy ad space on their platform, you’re the only advertiser during that selected time slot. This makes it very easy to know if the traffic is working for you or not, as you have less random variables, such as new advertisers screwing your data.


Unfortunately, Reddit doesn’t have very many targeting options at all. The only targeting options you have is by selecting what is called a subreddit. This is essentially category targeting but makes optimizing campaigns very difficult on the front end.


Unlike the other social networks, reddit is community driven and is a big support of privacy. Be very careful with what you advertise on reddit, because if the community doesn’t like it, it may backfire on you completely. Also, because of the privacy reddit has for it’s users and lack of targeting options. The only way you can optimize a campaign is through split testing various different landing pages. Unless you’re promoting gaming or tech related products, I would stay away from reddit until you have other profitable sources.

Advertise on Reddit

Other Social Networks To Keep An Eye On

Though Instagram isn’t allowing many advertisers just yet, I would definitely keep an eye out as I suspect this to change, once they focus more on becoming profitable.

Updated: Though I haven’t tried advertising on Instagram, a buddy of mine informed me you now can access Instagram inventory through Facebook Ads.


Advertise on Instagram


Currently there is a waitlist to join what’s known as “Promoted Pins”. However, if your business targets women, Pinterest is one of the most popular social networks that is almost exclusively women. Advertise on Pinterest

Useful Tools & Resources

Paid Tools

  • Socialbakers: Though I’ve only used Socialbakers when it was free, it was very helpful. If you’re interested in getting a ton of data on which ads your competitors are using on social media, which pages are popular and a variety of other awesome metrics then this is a tool you’ll want to check out. Cost: $120/mo to $1,000+/mo *Though they do offer a 14 day free trial
  • BuzzSumo: Is a tool I personally use all the time. It makes it very easy for you to analyze what content performs the best on various social media networks. This is a very important tool to have in your toolkit which will save you time and money by skipping the guess work. Cost: $99/mo to $499+/mo *Has a free version that allows you 5 searches a day
  • Agora Pluse: Allows you to monitor your Facebook & Twitter accounts for messages from your fans. This allows you to be more responsive if you plan on building out your social accounts. Cost: $29/mo to $99/mo

Free Tools

  • Facebook Insights: If you plan on driving traffic to a Facebook page then Insights is a must. It allows you to analyze important demographics data of your Facebook fans.
  • SocialMention; Similar to Google trends but for social, social mention is a great way to see what’s popular and trending.
  • Sumall: If you’re looking for a free analytics tool then SumAll is for you. It allows you measure and monitor social media sites like Facebook & Twitter but also allows you to connect to services such as Google Analytics & PayPal. This is great for small businesses as it allows you to keep up to date with everything all in one platform.



I see people jumping from one traffic source to another and fail on each of them and wonder why or blame the traffic source. Well the real truth is that 95% of Internet Marketers fail because they focus on the wrong things.

Of course traffic is an important factor and without traffic you can’t get sales and build an email list. But the real problem is not the traffic.

As you can see there are many many adversting platforms where you can get Quality and Cheap Targeted Traffic. You can also see the Pros and Cons of each platform above and decide which platform fits you better.

So if you have tried some of these traffic sources and failed or you just started with Internet Marketing, I suggest you to focus on building a good and strong funnel before even deciding which will be your traffic source.

Once you have a good funnel ready to go then I suggest you to choose a traffic source which you will have to master and stick with it and don’t jump from one to another.

In my opinion and from my experience, good and cheap platforms to get started are:

1) Facebooks ads
2) Youtube ads
3) Bing ads
4) Solo ads

These traffic sources got all the traffic you need and at very low cost.

Free traffic is also great but is not suggested if you want to test your funnel conversion etc… for more info about Free traffic, check my previous post Free vs Paid Traffic or click here: http://www.alexlangidis.com/free-traffic-vs-paid-traffic/

To Your Success,







For most of the info above all the credits go to http://ppcmode.com/paid-traffic/
This guy puts some serious stuff. Make sure to check his blog.

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