How To Use Autoresponder Campaign Automation Rules

On this post I will show you how you can use your autoresponder in order to automatically move your subscribers from one list to another without needing to do anything at all. The method is called Automation Rules!

This is very helpful especially for vendors/product creators who want to transfer their subscribers email/leads to their buyer list when a subscriber purchases one of their products.

But this automation can be also very helpful for affiliate marketers too.

This is such a cool feature which is included by most of autoresponders, however only few marketers know and use. This automation feature can help you improve your email marketing campaigns, skills and increase your income just by starting using it!

Here’s what you will learn from this post:

  1. Example of how Automation Rules works & How It Can Save You Tons Of Time
  2. What do you need to make it work?
  3. Create Automation Rules – Example
  4. Why is this IMPORTANT?
  5. What’s Next?
  6. Resources and Recommended Tools

So let’s get started really quick and see an automation Example below…


Let’s say that someone optins on your Squeeze page in order to download your Lead Magnet/ FREE gift.

Then he/she will automatically join your freebie subscribers list and if you have set up a good funnel that will try to convert those freebie subscribers to customers, it means that by now subscribers will have started receiving your follow up messages!


(Picture Above Shows You An Example of Basic Funnel That Converts Like Crazy)

So if any of those subscribers decides to buy your TripWire offer or the Affiliate offer you promote through follow ups, it means that this subscriber is not a freebie seeker anymore and became a customer.

Note: ( Buyer leads are x10 more valuable than freebie leads)

But how do you know who was the subscriber who became your customer?

Unfortunately you don’t know if you don’t use the automation I’m talking about on this post. And if you are thinking that it’s easy to manually search your customer’s email in order to transfer him in your buyer list then…



Just imagine how much time you would need if you had to find 5-10 or more customer leads and manually transfer them from your lead magnet list to your buyer list.

It would take you hours or even days & still you wouldn’t be sure if you transferred the right lead into your buyers list…

But this problem is solved with autoresponder automations features.

What You Will Need:

In order to automatically transfer your leads from the freebie list to buyer/customer list upon the purchase you will only need:

  1. To Create 1 Freebie List
  2. To Create 1 Customer/Buyer List
  3. Autoresponder like Getresponse

It’s that simple and below I will show you a real Example of how I do it myself and how I apply this method on each funnel I create.

In case you are wondering, the method works with most autoresponders like Getresponse , Aweber etc… and if you can’t find the options and the settings in your autoresponder that I’m about to show you below then you should contact your autoresponder support and ask them to help you.

Create Automation Rules:

So here we go!!!

At first place and in order to make it work, I have to create 2 lists.

So once I login in my Getresponse Account, I select “Create Campaign” from the drop down menu on the left side.

See picture below:


(Click on the image for Full Size)

I created my 2 lists: 1 for my lead magnet where they will optin for my free gift and 1 for my customers.

For this example I will use one of my existing funnels which is currently active and working on autopilot.

My lead magnet is called Tube Machine & my TripWire Offer is called Tube Ranking Formula.

So here’s what I did after creating my campaigns lists for my lead magnet & tripwire offer…

See picture below:


Step 1: Select your Customer/Buyer List as  “Your current campaign”

(In my case, I have named my campaign “tuberankingformula_customers”) Obviously this is my buyer list.

Step 2: Select “Campaign Automation”

Once you click “Campaign Automation” you will see the page below where you will have to create your rules.

See picture below:

Campaign Automation Rules

(Click on the image for Full Size)

Step 1: Choose Rules. (In our case, we have to select the rule If subscribed -> Then Remove)

Step 2: Choose from where you subscriber wants to be removed from if he purchases your product and joins your customer list.

Step 3: Add Rule

Step 4: Done!!!

(Aweber Users May Want To Give A Look Here!)

It was that simple and we have created a rule that automates our funnel.

So the rule we have created says:

“If contact subscribes to tuberankingformula_customers then have them removed from tube_machine campaign”

But what this practically means?

It means that anyone who optins on my squeeze page in order to get my Lead Magnet: “Tube Machine” will automatically join my freebie list and will start receiving my follow up emails.

If after few minutes or any time in the future subscriber decides to purchase my “Tube Ranking Formula” product which is my TripWire offer he/she will automatically be removed from my freebie list and will join my customers list.

This is awesome right?

And the best part? You can add as many rules as you like…

Keep in mind that this automation can be an awesome and very helpful feature for Product Creators but it can also be very helpful for affiliates too. The solution for Affiliate Marketers who don’t have their own products and still want to build Buyer list selling other people products, is called Affiliate Trax.

(The normal price of Affiliate Trax from the official page is $67 but as I have Agency License I’m giving away only 25 accounts for just $37 and just for limited time by using Coupon Code: 20OFF you can get it for ONLY $17. If those 25 discounted accounts end then I’m afraid that you will have to pay $67, So you need to HURRY UP!)

Using this automation gives you the ability to move new prospects from one list to another and have better control of your own list.


First of all, as you can understand, automation can save you tons of time which is very important when you are working online.

Automation is a MUST on Internet Marketing!

Here’s what will happen if you still have Freebie and Buyer List but don’t use automation rules:

  1. Someone joins your Freebie List
  2. Starts receiving your 3-5 Days follow up emails
  3. Decides to buy your TripWire while still on Day 2
  4. Joins your Buyer List
  5. Continue Receiving Follow Up Emails about your TripWire Offer while he/she already purchased it.
  6. Customer starts getting mad & unsubscribes from your lists.

Now you can see how stupid it is to keep trying selling your TripWire or your Affiliate Offer to someone who already purchased it.

What’s Next?


Congratulations you have just extended your Email Marketing skills!

If you followed my simple steps during this tutorial then this means that you have already made your first automation rule inside your Autoresponder.

Yes it was that easy!

Probably you just learned something new, useful and it’s time to do your own tests.

If you haven’t already made your first automation rule then don’t waste your time, go ahead and create your first automation rule, it’s so easy & takes only 2 minutes!!!

You have learned how you can save tons of time & look more professional in your customers eyes. Now you also know how you can monetize your own list & have better control of it!

So what’s next?

My suggestion is to dive in my other Blog Post: “How To Make A Basic Sales Funnel That Converts Like Crazy!” if you haven’t already read it!

Here you will learn why funnel is so important and why if you haven’t built a good funnel you are risking to lose a lot of money and time. Also get the exact same tools I personally use for my business! LEARN MORE HERE!

Resources & Recommended Tools:

My resouces tools which are related to this blog post:

Autoresponder: Getresponse – 30 Days Free Trial

FREE Gifts & Lead Magnet Ideas: IDPLR

Build Buyer List Even If You Promote Affiliate Offers: Affiliate Trax – Coupon Code: 20OFF ( Only Few Spots Left)

Build Squeeze Pages: InstaBuilder or Profit Canvas Pro Coupon Code: 20-OFF (Limited Time Offer)

Tracking Tool for Funnels: WP Funnel Metrics Pro + My Special Bonus 3 Done For You Follow Up EmailsCoupon Code: alex30

I have spent a lot of time and did a lot of research in order to find the best tools that will help you succeed faster,make your life easier and save you a lot of time and money!

Also I have managed to get big discounts and coupon codes or even spent from my own money to get resell licenses on some tools in order to give them to you at very low prices.

So probably you are not going to find these special offers anywhere else, I have to warn you though that coupon codes and discounted prices will be not here forever!


To Your Own Success,

Alex Langidis

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