How To Build A Basic Sales Funnel Which Turns Prospects Into Customers!

Learn How To Build A Sales Funnel That Converts:

Allow me to introduce you the biggest “SECRET” on the world of Internet Marketing…

….The missing piece that everyone is looking for when they start involving with Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Traffic , Make Money Online niche etc…

Yes the missing piece is the FUNNEL.

This is the “Secret” that no one is teaching you out there and only few people will find out about it and even fewer people will start working on it when they will discover that a good Sales FUNNEL is what they need in order to succeed online.

You probably have already seen all those courses & softwares about traffic, email marketing, affiliate marketing, cpa , ecommerce , social media etc…

That’s ok and of course you need to learn few things about traffic, emails marketing etc…

But everything above is useless things if you don’t know anything about funnels and how to build a good one.

So let me ask you…

How many products have you seen about FUNNELS? or even better have you ever seen any product that will teach you how to build a sales funnel?

Probably NO…

And today I will finally reveal to you and show you how to build a Basic Sales Funnel that will dramatically change the way you see the whole Internet Marketing thing until now.

Really Quick, Here Is What You Will Learn From This Post:

  1. What is a Sales Funnel
  2. Types Of Funnels
  3. Problems & Solutions With Affiliate Marketing & Offers
  4. Analyze a Basic Sales Funnel + Examples
  5. What Do You Need In Order To Create a High Converting Sales Funnel
  6. REAL Life Examples– Active Sales Funnel
  7. Resources, Tools, Special Offers & FREE Bonuses

This is an overview of what you are going to learn from this post!

I could easily keep this information for myself or create a product about it and sell it, however I decided to share everything here and give to you (my subscribers,customers and blog visitors) something valuable that will help you make a real income online.

So I will suggest you to pay close attention, read carefully & make some notes because I know that this post will change many people lives and will change the way you see Internet Marketing…


What Is A Sales Funnel?

In simple words and very quickly, a good and high converting sales Funnel is the simpliest way to turn any Visitor (traffic) into a Lead and then into a Customer.

Also with a properly built sales Funnel you are able to maximize the profit and the money your are making from each of your customers.

Here is how a funnel works in general:


Traffic-> Leads -> Prospects -> Customers -> Repeat Customers

So at first place you need targeted traffic and a good Landing Page where you will give a FREE Gift that will convert around 40% – 70%

At second place Follow Up Emails that will warm the prospect and a Product/Offer that will convert around 10% in order to convert those prospects into customers.

So the first and the most important thing is Traffic…


No Yelling

Hell NO!!!

Traffic is the last thing you will need and yes this is the easiest part of it all. Nowadays the easiest thing you can do is to find targeted traffic. (Don’t worry there are tons of cheap targeted traffic out there,so keep reading)

So you need to forget about it.

Because simply if you haven’t got a good funnel, you are not going to get any sales or get your own customers even if you have the best Targeted Traffic in the world.

So you need to stop spending money on traffic and start building a Funnel otherwise you will keep staying on the 95% of people who are not making any money at all and finally quit…

Types Of Funnels:

Well there are many types of funnels and unfortunately I can’t explain them all in a single blog post.

That’s why I have decided to show you a basic funnel at this moment that will cover 90% of you and will help you begin…

…Once you understand how a funnel works and how much it can help you build a business the right way, then start building more complicated, deep funnels and reworking on your existing funnels will be an easy step for you.

Just to name few types of funnels:

  1. Sales Funnels
  2. Launch Funnels
  3. Optin Funnels
  4. Webinar Funnels
  5. Membership Funnels
  6. Custom Funnels

OK now I know what you are thinking…

Great but what if I have nothing to sell??


The Basic funnel I will show you here it works both for people who have something to sell (their own products) and for those who don’t.

So those who don’t have their own product and they don’t want to create their own products, they can still sell other people products as an affiliate.

But there is a big problem with Affiliate Marketing…

Problem With Affiliate Marketing & Affiliate Products/Offers:

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online while you don’t have to worry about creating any sales page, launch funnel, recurring JVs & affiliates etc…

You only need to worry about good targeted traffic and with the right promotion you are going to convert at least 5-10% on the front end product if you have picked a good affiliate offer.

But working as an affiliate and not having your own product to sell, has some cons and the biggest one is that you are promoting someone else’s product, you are getting 50% to 100% commission but at the same time you’re building someone else a buyer list and their business, NOT YOURS…


Building others people buyer list and giving away all the hard work you did in order to do the sale  was a HUGE Problem with Affiliate Marketing Until Now!!!

This year a game changer software became public and solved this HUGE Problem…

It’s called Affiliate Trax and in a few words, it is allowing you to build a buyer list while you are promoting others people products as an affiliate.

Yes you are now able to build YOUR OWN Buyer List without selling your own product.

But at this time it is better to focus at the funnel creation and if you need to learn more about this awesome software you can click here! (Don’t worry If you are already interested I will give you some more info and discount later on this post just keep reading).

Build A Basic Sales Funnel That Converts Like Crazy:

Here I will show you how a basic funnel looks like, why it works and later on this post I will reveal all my resources,tools I personally use and at the end of this Blog Post – BONUS Real Life EXAMPLE!!!

So Here we go:

Basic Sales Funnel 1

(Click On The Image For Full Size)

This is a very simple and basic sales funnel, Of course maybe I could exclude the Exit page to make it even more simpler.

In the other hand I could add Facebook Retargeting Pixel Code on the MindMap above and make it little bit more advanced and even better Funnel, however at this moment I decided to keep it simple in order to help most of the people understand how a basic Sales funnel works.

As you can see the funnel is going like that:

1) Visitors will see our Lead Magnet and our Squeeze Page.

Now you need to understand that not all people will be interested in your offer because:

  • You’re not giving much in exchange to their valuable email
  • They are just not interested in your Lead Magnet
  • You didn’t target the right audience

In the other hand if you do everything right you can expect around 40-70% Optin Rate (Depends on the niche also)

If you want to learn more about Lead Magnets read my Blog Post here:

==> How To Create The “Perfect” Lead Magnet + Bonus Worksheet & Checklist

2) Exit Page – Second Chance!

This is an optional step where you can offer to your visitors something different if they try to exit your first Lead Magnet. They may not be interested at your first lead magnet but maybe they are interested in something else.

NOTE: Some traffic sources like Facebook ads don’t allow Exit Pages so you always need to make sure that you follow traffic source Terms.

3) Email List & Follow Ups

When someone optins on your lead magnet, you need to deliver everything you promised. It is highly recommended to create a Welcome Email where you will introduce yourself a little bit , who you are etc… and of course include a link with the DOWNLOAD PAGE!

After Email 1 on DAY 1, you can follow up subscribers with 3-4 emails, one each day that will have the purpose to redirect them on your TripWire Offer/Affiliate Offer!

3.1) Download Page – Thank You Page

When subscribers click on your first email they will go on the Download Page to receive their Free Gift – Lead Magnet you promised on the Landing Page.

It is good to thank them again for trust you with their email, make the access of their Free Gift easy & under download Links you can include a Button or Banner that will redirect them back to Your TripWire Offer/Affiliate Offer…

4) Prospect Buys Your TripWire/Affiliate Offer

To be honest, Not every of your prospects is going to buy the TripWire Offer but if your Follow Up Emails and the Sales Page are good then you could expect around 5-10% conversions on the TripWire.

Adding some valuable content, bonuses, scarcity on your Follow Ups can increase your sales dramatically!

So if someone buys your product, he/she will join your Buyer List/Customers which means that this subscriber is more valuable than those who didn’t buy your Offer.

(This doesn’t mean that you don’t need to take care of your freebie list because inside that list maybe someone will buy in the future another product from you.)

Also there is a good chance that anyone who bought the Front End Offer may get some of the UPSELLS which will help you increase your ROI and make some good amount of money.

NOTE: If you have picked a good Affiliate Offer then for sure this offer will have at least 2 or more Upsells which will maximize your profit.

=> Read my blog post:

6 Steps to Finding a Great Product to Promote


What Do You Need In Order To Create A Funnel That Converts?

As every real business online you will need few tools that will allow you to work properly and will help you finally build a Life Changing Business…

Note: ( Oh I forgot to mention at the beginning of the blog post that this post has nothing to do with making money fast, get quick rich, magic buttons etc… This post was created in order to help serious people who want to build a real business online or want to change their lives by building a real business online or improve their existing business. So if you are looking for Quick Cash and Magic Button Softwares then you can leave this page…)

With that been said, here’s what you will need:

  1. Page Builder
  2. Autoresponder
  3. Lead Magnet – FREE Gift
  4. Product To Sell
  5. Traffic & Tracking Tool

Also some self-confidence will never be bad  😀

Below I will reveal my own suggested sources and tools I use on daily basis in order to run my own business.

1) Page Builder

I personally use 2 page builders… First one is InstaBuilder a well known builder  that can create very nice pages and any kind of pages. The second one is Profit Canvas Pro – Builder.

Well profit canvas is not just one of the best drag & drop page builders in the world but also include much more, like 3 other cloud based softwares, 40+ training videos, white-label products – done for you and much more… But on this post I don’t want to talk too much about those softwares because I could do it for hours…

However you can find more about them here: InstaBuilder 2.0 Software and Profit Canvas Pro

I just wanted to mention that I have seen many marketers suggest Lead Pages, ClickFunnels and many other services like those that will cost you much more money on monthly basis that is not worth for me.

I don’t say that services like Lead Pages & ClickFunnels are not good services,  on the contrary they are great and work good but if you want to save a lot of money and don’t want to pay $49/month then I Highly Recommend you One Time FeeInstabuilder 2.0  or Profit Canvas Pro at very low cost!!!

Both are easy to use, worth every single penny and they are used by Top Marketers & 7 Figure businesses.

2) Autoresponder

Not much to say here. You probably know about Autoresponders and the power of Email Marketing. This is a must have tool for your online business because you are going to capture your visitors emails , in order to market them your own products or affiliate offers and finally turn those prospects into customers!!

I personally use Getresponse because of the many features they offer me, great prices, awesome automation & integration features and much more. Get your own 30 days Free Trial Here!

The other suggested autoresponder is Aweber which is almost the same with Getresponse. It used to be the best email marketing service however over the years and especially the last couple months I have realized that many aweber customers are not satisfied with their service anymore. However you can give a Try for 30 Days Here!

3) Lead Magnet – Free Gift

In order to start building a list that will start trust and listen to you, you need to create a Lead Magnet something that you gonna give for FREE to your visitors in order to join your list and give you their email:

The best way to start building relationship with your subscribers is by giving them a valuable FREE Gift that will help them solve a problem or by giving them something unique and valuable information.

Here are few Lead Magnet Ideas:

  • Video Training
  • Software
  • Ebook/ Report
  • Cheat Sheet/ Mind Map
  • Discount Coupons
  • Email Templates
  • Website & Pages Templates

and so on…

I personally like the idea to create a Free report or Videos where I will give some valuable information around the niche I have selected and then do a little bit pre-sell for the front end product that they will see after they optin on my Squeeze Page for my FREE Gift.

However if you don’t want to spend time building a custom FREE Gift you can then simply get a PLR product and rebrand it or change it a little bit.

Here is my recommended source for PLR products: indigitalworks where you can find tons of products, ebooks, softwares, videos etc… Of course you always need to check the quality of the product you are going to give away.

Let’s say that you have decided to join traffic niche and you have created a report about facebook traffic.

So for EXAMPLE your lead magnet title could look like this:

FREE REPORTS REVEALS: ” How I generated 592 highly targeted fb clicks for as low as $0,01 in just 7 hours”

NOTE: If you write something like this you need to have a proof and show them how you did it.

Of course you need to give your visitors anything you promised on the Squeeze Page otherwise they will unsubscribe immediately or they will not trust you.

When you finished with your Lead Magnet you need to add your product to the funnel and if you haven’t one you need to find an affiliate offer.

Sometimes if you don’t have your own product is better to search for an affiliate offer before even creating your Lead Magnet.

Simply because if you know what you are going to sell then you can easily do some pre-sell at the same time you are giving away your FREE Gift or inside your FREE Report, Videos etc…

Pre-sell a low ticket product through Lead Magnet is optional but very powerful and highly recommended.

Now let’s move on and find a product to sell…

4) Find a Product/Affiliate Offers To Sell


If you have already created a product then great you can simply sell your existing product but of course before that you need to create a lead magnet related to your product.

Anyone who don’t have product and want to sell something can simple join affiliate networks like Clickbank, JVZoo , WarriorPlus etc..

Once you join those affiliate networks you will need to find a good quality product that will convert well and will solve at least 1 of your prospects problems.

So Your Primary Goal when you search for an affiliate offer is find a product that:

  • Converts at least 5-10% and higher
  • $1+ EPC (earn per click)
  • Low Refund Rate 5% or less


Let’s  say that you join WarriorPlus Affiliate Network and you have decided to join Facebook Traffic Niche.

So we are looking for a product around facebook that will solve your prospect problem around Traffic or especially facebook traffic problems.

Here is an example:


As you can see I found a product very fast that have sold 1000+ copies convert around 10%, got EPC $1.09 and very low refund rate of 1%

NOTE: Keep in mind that this offer probably converts even better but during the launch many people send a lot of traffic on this offer which means that they have reduced the real Conver. Rate And EPC Stats…

If you find a good product then you can Request an affiliate link. ( If you are new affiliate and don’t have sales, provide some details of how you are going to promote this offer and make sure that you will not spam)

So Within just 2 minutes, you are able to find winning products that you can add to your funnel without having to worry about creating a sale page or do any hard work.

Now you can simply create a lead magnet about facebook traffic or traffic in general and some targeted traffic to your lead magnet.

Once they optin to get your FREE gift they will be redirected to your Thank you/Download page or to the offer page and send them later the thank you email with the free gift and the download page.

It’s up to you…

All you need to do is to test and find out what is working best for you.

For more in-depth guide of how to select an affiliate offer read this blog post:

6 Steps to Finding a Great Product to Promote


5) Traffic & Tracking

Traffic Traffic Traffic…

  • Facebook Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Youtube Ads
  • Google Seo
  • Solo ads
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Youtube Seo
  • Reddit
  • Banners
  • Forums
  • JVs & Affiliates

Always the biggest problem of the 95% of the people who try to make money online.

I have created 3 products about 3 different Traffic Sources simple because Traffic is a Hot Niche and it will always be.

I bet that every little while you are watching those new product launches which are promising to reveal to you a new Untapped traffic source that will change your life and will bring you tons of sales..

Well you already know most of the traffic sources & all the above work great!

Don’t let them Fool YOU!

I have to admit that I was trapped too and I was thinking that my biggest problem was traffic for years, and I was always jumping from one traffic source to another and kept blaming the traffic sources.

When I had finally tried all the traffic sources without making a single $ online then I started realizing that I was doing something wrong.

It was the time when I started “Spying” the big guys.

I wanted to succeed so bad, I wanted to become like them, I wanted to finally get the FREEDOM I was always looking for.

So I started to Study & Follow those big names like Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss and many other successful guys who are making thousands or even Millions online.

A question jumped on my head almost immediately…

“How the hell are they making thousands /month while we are using the same traffic sources?”


1)They indeed use the same traffic sources you are propably using right now

2) They are selling High Ticket Products from $1,997 to $10,000+

3) But They are also selling low ticket products $7, mid ticket products and memberships.

So What’s the real difference between  you and those big guys who are making 6-7 figures per month?

They all have automation Funnels that convert Traffic >>Leads>>Prospects>>Customers>> Repeat Customers.

They also convert Low Ticket Customers>> Mid Ticket Customers >> High Ticket Customers

I’m not saying that you need to create a High Ticket product which costs $1,997 or even create a $7 product in order to make a living online.

Instead my point here is that you need a funnel that will allow you to start building a business that will convert your traffic into leads, into customers and then into repeat customers and everything will be done on autopilot.

Because when you have a funnel that converts then you only need to care about getting traffic.

Right now 95% of people make $0 online because they spend their whole money and time in jumping from one traffic source to another, from one product to another.

You are propably 1 of them…


I was on the 95% who failed online for a long time but right now I am in the other side hopefully! 😀

And guess what??

You can jump in the other side too…


It’s time to build your own business, your own buyer list and finally make some money!

Building a funnel looks hard and a lot of work however it isn’t if you break it to simple and small steps.

And the best part is that when you finish with it then the only thing you need to do is bring some targeted traffic, track your funnel, monetize it a little bit and stop when you are happy with the results you are getting from your funnel.

Tracking is a very IMPORTANT step for anything you are doing online and especially when it comes to track your Funnel conversions.

Because if you don’t know how your funnel is doing then you are wasting your time and money.


So I decided to give away a tracking plugin for all of you who don’t own tracking tool but you want to get started with something simple!

Download Wp Conversion Tracker for Free:

As said before tracking is a very important thing on Internet Marketing in general and there are many many services and softwares about tracking clicks, unique clicks , cloaking etc…

I have tried many of those tracking services and the bad think was that they were costing too much every single month.

So if you are looking for an advanced tracking tool, self-hosted & one time fee then I suggest you something like Ad Trackz Gold

Ad Trackz Gold is an advanced tracking tool with many many features however if you are newbie and want something simple to get started then you can use the plugin “Wp Conversion Tracker” I’m giving away above.

Bonus: REAL Life Example – Funnel:

Here is 1 of my personal funnels that I promote myself without any affiliates.

I made this funnel almost 2 year ago and I haven’t done any changes because at the same time I was working on other projects, products launches etc.. which didn’t allow me to improve it.

However this funnel is still working great on autopilot and still getting new leads and customers.

(Update 14/8/2017: Funnel right now is inactive because product needs updates. Right now I have limited time and working on other projects and funnels, but this one used to be one of my good funnels and it’s still a great example for this blog post)

Below I will reveal to you my funnel pages:

Lead Magnet – Squeeze Page:

Thank You/Download Page:

TripWire Offer:

Upsell 1:

Upsell 2:

(Pages & Graphics right now maybe looks old and outdated but this funnel made on 2015)

In my sales funnel there are downsells also but I don’t want to include them here because right now we are looking on a very basic funnel.

Of course there are Dowload Pages for TripWire Offer and for each Upsell but I can’t include them here and you can understand why 😛

Here is how sales funnel looks like:

TRF Basic Funnel

So Right now you are looking on a Real Life Example and on Active Funnel that works on autopilot. I know that I could impove my Upsells Pages and do some changes in order to increase my ROI but right now I don’t have time for this. And as the Lead Magnet and the TripWire convert well I’m happy with this ;D

Final Words:

This is it my good friend you did it.

You just finished this Blog Post, you have already learned more than the 95% of the people out there who are trying to make money online and it’s time to take some Action.

You have learned the Big “Secrets” of Internet Marketing and now it’s totally up to you if you are going to take some action and build a real business online or you will keep looking for the Quick Cash methods and the Magic Button Softwares which promise you Thousands of dollars in just 1 Day (Which by the way don’t exist)

I know that this is a long post and maybe you have missed or didn’t understand few things especially if everything above is totally new to you. But you are free to comment below and ask anything you want.

I really tried to make it simple and cover each step within just a few lines.

As promised in the beginning of the post, below you will find all my resources & tools I personally use in order to make this process very easy and fast!

Resources, Tools, Special Offers & FREE Bonuses

I have already mentioned some of my tools but more closely here, you will find the exact tools I use in order to build high converting sales funnels and fast track my results.

Page Builder:

InstaBuilder 2.0 This is a WordPress plugin (Page Builder) that I use in order to create my Sales pages, squeeze pages, oto pages etc… This is a page builder with tons of features, used by 6 & 7 figures Marketers. Easy to use and newbie friendly, no required any technical skill at all. Watch the Demo Video Here!

Intabuilder has helped my business and saved me tons of time and it’s highly recommended tool for both newbies and pro marketers. I could keep talking about it but if you are interested you can click the link above and watch Instabuilder in action.

All In One Platform:

Profit Canvas Pro is another Page Builder software but the difference here is that Profit Canvas Pro is a cloud based software. This is one of my favourite tools which I also use in order to create Bonus pages, Oto pages, Sales Pages etc.. With Profit Canvas you don’t even need a hosting as they store all your data and pages on their hosting.

You can also transfer any of your page on any of your wordpress sites with a simple plugin that Brett (the creator of Profit Canvas) has created for users.

Why someone who got Instabuilder need Profit Canvas Pro?

Well you don’t really need it if you own Instabuilder as a Page Builder. However Profit Canvas is not just Page builder software! Inside member area there are 3 more cloud based softwares:  PopUp Builder, Video Software, Webinar Software. And it does not end here…

Also there are 40+ Video Training from 2 of Top Marketers right now and 4 White Label Softwares you can sell or give away as your own products. So you can see why Profit Canvas is so cool..

I could also talk for hours about this AWESOME platform. But if you want you can check this out by yourself & also grab $40 OFF Discount Coupon Code by using the code: AMB-PC 


GetResponse is my autoresponder service which I use in order to build my customers list, deliver my emails to my existing subscribers and use autoresponder feature in order to follow up new prospects.

Not much to say! If you are working online then you know that Email Marketing is a MUST othewise you are wasting your time.

So an autoresponder service like Getresponse is a must tool for your business which will help you grow your business and make a living using the power of Email Marketing. Here you can give a try for 30 days totally FREE!

Affiliate Marketing Software

Affiliate Trax is a great tool that is added to my software list recently and is an awesome and great solution especially for Affiliate Marketers.

Software is totally unique and give you the ability to build buyer list by promoting affiliate offers. But it also gives you some very nice details about the customers profile and statistics about how well the affiliate offer converts for you.

You can watch the Demo Video Here!

The normal price of this Awesome software is $69 right now BUT as I have 25 Agency licences, I’m giving away this awesome software for only $37 and by using the coupon code AMB-Trax Today, you will be able to get it for ONLY $37

Remember that I have only 25 licenses to give away at this low price so when those licenses are gone, you will have to pay $69. Use Coupon Code AMB-Trax and Grab Affiliate Trax ONLY $37 Here before it’s too late!

Lead Magnets – FREE Gifts:

For more details about Lead Magnets, please read my blog post:

How To Create The “Perfect” Lead Magnet + Bonus Worksheet & Checklist


Indigitalworks  Idplr This is a recommended PLR website where you can download tons of products that you can rebrand or use them as itself. You can sell those products or give them away as your own products.

Of course you always need to check the License Rights you get with each of the ebook, videos softwares etc… you download from IDPLR!

You can use this website in order to download products, rebrand them and make a Lead Magnet for your Sales Funnel if you don’t want to create your own custom Lead Magnet from zero!

Tracking Tool:

1) Download Wp Conversion Tracker for Free:

2) Ad Trackz Gold is an alternative tracking solution for more advance tracking with many more options. This is recommended for more advanced marketers or anyone who wants to level up their tracking skills!

Thank You


I would like to personally thank every single reader – without your support I wouldn’t be writing this post, so THANK YOU!

When I started writing this post I wanted to give people all the information & knowledge they need to succeed online or improve their current position.

So I’m hoping the 20+ hours I have put into this post over the weekend will help you in some way.

To Your Own Success,

Co-Founder & CEO of AlMarketingBlueprints

P.S. If you like this post or any of the posts here on my Blog and you want to receive notifications every time I post something new then simply click here and allow us to send you notifications!

P.P.S. Feel free to comment below, ask anything that is related to this post, tell your opinion & if you find this post useful or like it please press the like button & share it with your friends! 😉


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