Consistent Sales System – Review

Consistent Sales System - Review
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The Consistent Sales System is a product that teaches you how to dramatically increase profits while dramatically reducing time worked in your business…

Basically you’ll be learning how to earn the most on autopilot, regardless of what you’re selling.

Consistent Sales System – Review and Bonuses:


This year I rarely did reviews or promoted/suggested other products.

The reason is that there are 5-10 launches every day and 90% of those products are either totally B.S. with 0 value or they are the same recycling products with different names & graphics.

However, today something totally different is launching and has grabbed my attention.

Today I’m doing a review of a new training course by Kevin Fahey called Consistent Sales System”.

I know that you may think: “OK, Alex but how this differs from the other products that are launching every single day?”

The first anwser that comes to my mind on this type of questions is:

The Concept!

I will explain right below but let me tell you that:

Before deciding to review this product I didn’t know what was it about and what was inside it. The main reason that made me decide to review this product wasn’t the name of it but the creator of the product.

Yes, that’s right. When I saw that Kevin Fahey is launching a new product was the main reason this product grabbed my attention!

I know that Kevin delivers a lot of value on his products, so I had to review Consistent Sales System and see if this is another solid product.

So I asked him for a review copy which he kindly gave me and here we are…

What is Consistent Sales System?

The Consistent Sales System is a product that teaches you how to dramatically increase profits while dramatically reducing time worked in your business…

Basically you’ll be learning how to earn the most on autopilot, regardless of what you’re selling.

This is actually a case study!

The methods that Kevin teaches you inside Consistent Sales System are actually methods that he uses for his own business and they really work!

(I’m planning to apply the same methods on my own business because indeed methods work & you need to consider doing the same) 😉

When I started reviewing this product I realized that was something totally different, the concept and the methods that Kevin is teaching inside Consistent Sales System are unique!

The Consistent Sales System comes in PDF Report format and Reveals 25 Easy ways to continuing Selling Any Product or Service All Year Round. If you’re an Offline Business Owner or Into eCom you can use many of these methods as well.

You also get a PDF named 11 Questions To Success.

I found this report very useful and especially for someone who is just getting started.

Inside he doesn’t only motivate you by asking you some important questions that you have to ask yourself every once in a while, but also gives you the answers along with some very important tips.

This report keeps you on the right track and focused.

It’s like a checklist/cheat sheet. (A good one, that you definitely need)

BUT wait…that was just the beginning of the course.

Kevin has gone one step further and gives a bounce of bonuses that deliver massive of value.

The first 3 bonuses is training videos that teach you: “How To Setup Your Product On Thrive Cart, JVZoo & WarriorPlus”

From my personal experience setting up a product on those networds can be very confusing.

If you ever tried it, then you know that there are many areas you have to fill out and there are many integrations that sometimes are very confusing.

When I first started and I wanted to list my product on JVZoo & WarriorPlus I was struggling so hard, I was searching for tutorials that were old and outdated & I had to contact their support in order to help me and answer me all the questions I had.

It’s easy to do terrible mistakes when you set up a product on those networks and you can end up losing sales & money, unhappy customers & of course lose your valuable time trying to figure out how you can properly setup a product.

With that been said if you get Consistent Sales System today then you will not have to worry about these issues ever!

Kevin teaches with many details all the Do’s and Don’t when you setup a product. All the videos are Quality, very detailed & everything is explained!

This is time saving & nothing can go wrong if you follow Kevin’s instructions!

Now as I was reviewing Consistent Sales System I saw that it was going even better!

The next bonus is called Super Funnel Training

This is priceless!!! 

I would be more than happy to pay the whole course just for this training.

I keep saying that the “Secret” of the Internet Marketing & the “Missing Piece” everyone is looking for, is the FUNNEL.

If you don’t have a funnel then you don’t have a business and you can’t make passive income!

In my opinion Super Funnel Training bonus, is an extra reason you must go right now to Consistent Sales System sale page and hit the Buy Now button immediately!

When you understand how funnel works & apply what Kevin shows you on Super Funnel Training then you are closer to a passive income than ever before…

And if that isn’t enough you also get access to IM Product Launching 2.0 :

I have personally paid $37 for IM Product Launching 2.0 course and I can honestly say that it worths every penny.

IM Product Launching 2.0 is another solid product of Kevin and it delivers massive value.

The good news is that you don’t have to pay $37 in order to get it because if you grab Consistent Sales System right now then you will get IM Product Launching 2.0 course for FREE!

Last you get FREE Access for 5 Days on Kevin’s PLR membership site:

This means you get access to 4,824 products that you can download, edit and sell as your own. (Priceless…!!!)

I can confidently say that Consistent Sales System is a Solid Product that you must have on your collection of the coolest and most usefull courses!

Click Here at 9am US EST on 20th of August To Secure The Discount + My Bonus


Why should you buy Consistent Sales System?

Above I gave great details of what you can find inside the course and as you can see the value is endless.

The bonuses alone that come with course, are costing much more than the main course!

My personal note:

In the past I had bought many crappy products with 0 value just because of the fancy name and graphics. I have regreted many of those purchases.

From so one I really care what I purchase and what I review for my customers and blog readers.

I bet that you have bought some or many of those crappy products that deliver 0 value. You probably regret for many of those purchases.

Well if you get Consistent Sales System today then you will not regret it because this is the opposite of a crappy product.

This will be a purchase that you will be proud for  taking action and grabbed it!

As you can see, Consistent Sales System delivers massive value, the main course is teaching NEW methods (I confirm that) and is actually a Fresh Case Study that Kevin uses on his own business in order to make passive income without needing to launch one product after the other or do affiliate promotions all the time.

Click Here at 9am US EST on 20th of August To Secure The Discount + My Bonus


You can get Consistent Sales System for 12.95 at the Early Bird Price.

The price is on dime sale which means that every few sales or every few minutes the price will be increased.

So grab it while the price is still low!

Click Here at 9am US EST on 20th of August To Secure The Discount + My Bonus


Upsells and OTOs:

There is only 1 upsell (optional). You can skip that!

Front End product is everything you need to get started and there are not any upsells or otos with Done for you packages, case studies, softwares etc…

So don’t even think about the upsells and go grab your copy of Consistent Sales System Now!

For those who are curious:

There is only 1 upsell, which includes all (or almost all) Kevin’s products. The price is a little bit high but it’s fair for what you get.

The upsell costs $197 (massive discount as the normal price is $497) and more especially you get access to:

  • 25 Of Kevin’s Top Courses & Over 150 Top Training Videos
  • Bi-Weekly Live Training Webinars
  • VIP Facebook Mastermind Group
  • Kevin’s Best Support

This is totally different from the Front end product but the value of the upsell is massive.

My personal note:

I have been following Kevin for long time and I have purchased couple of his products in the past. I can easily say that Kevin delivers massive value.

So if your budget allows it then you may consider to grab the upsell during this 3-day launch because at the end of the launch the huge discount will be expired for ever.

In the other hand you can skip upsell and keep the Consistent Sales System which also delivers massive value and you can learn many things that will help you think out of the box.

Best of all, the course is only $12.95 and I rarely see such high quality courses at such a tiny price.

Click Here at 9am US EST on 20th of August To Secure The Discount + My Bonus


My Bonus:

I was trying to find something that is missing from the course and offer it as a bonus!

I couldn’t find anything. Everything you need is inside the course!

So I didn’t want to add many different bonuses that will distract your attention from the main course!

However I decided to offer a special bonus to the first 10 action takers!

The first 10 Action Takers who will get Consistent Sales System through my link will also get as a bonus Profit Canvas Pro which is selling for $67 right now.

Bonus DetailsProfit Canvas Pro details and more info click here!

Anyone who purchased through my link , provides the Trancaction Id to Support Desk here and I will get back to you with your special bonus!

The main reason I put this extra awesome bonus (which I rarely do) was in order to give an extra reason to get this solid training (Consistent Sales System).

Click Here at 9am US EST on 20th of August To Secure The Discount + My Bonus


Conclusion – Closing:

I believe that Consistent Sales System is a solid product that nowadays rarely I see. It’s a product that for sure you need to add in your library of your best purchases!

This product helps you think out of the box and it actually teaches a real MARKETING Strategy that it works!

I rarely see such high quality courses which deliver tons of value at such a tiny price.

So even if you are totally newbie who just get started or an advanced marketer then this is a must have course!

I highly recommend to grab your own copy and apply what you will learn inside!

The launch is just for 3 days so the price will be increased very soon! So if you act smart you can get it at the lowest price possible right now!

To Your Success,

P.S. Questions or Comments?

I love hearing from you guys! So please just leave me a comment or question in the comments section below.

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