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Email Force It’s the world’s FIRST software designed exclusively for creating converting emails for ANY offer in ANY niche.

It’ll quickly and effortlessly create you profitable emails for ANY product you’re promoting, in any niche.

Completely eliminating your need to EVER pay for an email copywriter again …

Or struggle for HOURS trying to write your own emails.

Email Force Review:

Today I’m reviewing a cloud based software called Email Force! – Email Force Review!

Thanks to Simon Harries & Justin Burns who gave me a review access on this software in order to write my honest review and share it with YOU! (my loyal customers, followers and blog/review readers)

I’m sure that over the next few days many will upload reviews, videos and will talk about Email Force however the big difference is that my reviews are 100% Honest!

I’m not just talking about the goods and the benefits and I don’t push anyone to get it through my link like other marketers do!

I also point the bad of the products, possible bugs I discover (if any) and what I don’t like!

So with that been said let’s see what is Email Force all about and my personal Experience while testing it… (Pros and Cons)

What is Email Force?

In Few Words:

As you can understand from the product’s name, it’s a product about Emails & Email Marketing!

So Email Force is the world’s FIRST software designed exclusively for creating converting emails for ANY offer in ANY niche.

It can quickly and effortlessly create you profitable emails for ANY product you’re promoting, in any niche.

Completely eliminating your need to EVER pay for an email copywriter again …Or struggle for HOURS trying to write your own emails.

In other Words:

It’s a Fill In The Blank – Software!

By The Way, I have to admit that I’m real Fan of Fill In The Blank  products & softwares!

This type of products can help anyone to SAVE Tons Of Money and Tons of TIME! (That’s why I love them!)

Now more especially about Email Force: Literally it takes 5 minutes to build an Avatar and it will literally build any email sequence you need for any niche…

Watch the short Demo Video Below to see how Email Force works:

We all know how IMPORTANT Email Marketing is… (Money is in the List, Right?)

However most of us (including myself) many times feel that writting email sequences (autoresponder emails) for our lead magnets, products, upsells, launches, services, promotions etc…. It’s a hard work!

And yes indeed, it’s a hard work and a lot of hard work if you have to write so many emails and so many different email squences! And if you are selling different products or having multiple Lead Magnets, upsells etc… Then things are even worse!

In most cases, creating email sequences can take a lot of time & money in exchange = poor results!

If you don’t have the right email sequences in place or if you are not good at copywritting then it’s really hard to make any money from the list you are building!

For example one of the most common problem beginners & average marketers have is that they can’t convert leads/prospects into customers! (You may face the exact same issue right now…)

And here’s why this actually happens:

  1. You have setup an autoresponder sequence but it’s bad since you don’t have good copywritting skills, it’s incomplete, you don’t know how to write a good email sequence or what to say…So in most cases results are bad (just make few bucks) or even worse you made $0
  2. You don’t have an autoresponder sequence at all. (If you are 1 of those people who don’t have autoresponder emails at all then chances making money are very close to 0%)

And some extra Problems You are probably facing right now: 

  • You struggle to write enganging email sequences that get opened & clicked!
  • You prefer doing anything else than writting emails!
  • You are not good at copywritting…and you don’t know how or what to say!
  • You don’t want to pay someone else x20 to write your email sequences!
  • You want to save your valuable time by doing other things but you can’t since email marketing is very important!

If at least 1 of the above describes your situation then you definitely need to check out Email Force because it’s the best solution for YOU! (It will solve all the above issues)

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My Personal Experience While Testing Email Force:

Let’s started with the members area:

Email Force Review

Software has a very clean and user friendly Dashboard. Not much to say here!

Saved Answers are the incomplete answers, for example you just get started creating an avatar and answering the questions that software provides you but for some reason you have to stop. Then you can simply save your answers and you can complete them later!

Saved Email Sequences are where all your sequences you have created are saved!

Create Mail Script is where you “CHOOSE YOUR CATEGORY” (This is where everything begins)

*At the time I was reviewing Email Force there were 7 categories, so I guess that during launch there will be 8 categories since the above image took from the Sales Page!

So here’s how it looks like inside the software:

The first step as said above is to choose a category. I chose “Upsell” as an example for this review!

When you choose your category (In our case Upsell category) then software wants you to Build an “Avatar”

What this actually means?

There are 7 Steps as you can see from the image below! And each step comes with couple questions!

This works like Fill In The Blank Templates. You just have to answer the questions, software provides you on each step!

The cool part here is that on each question software also gives you “EXAMPLES” and when hit the EXAMPLE button, a popup message with example will appear!

I personally found it very helpful because in some questions I wasn’t really sure what to say and these examples helped me a lot!

When You are on the Final Step just choose “Save and choose Sequence”

And this brings us to the next stage of the process where we have to Select Sequences!

*Note: Some categories have more sequences than others, in our example the “Upsell” category has 2 sequences and I can select 1 of them or all of them. Although I will use just 1 of those sequences, I chose both because I wanted to see how they look like and then decided which I like more…

Each sequence comes with couple of emails. In our case the first sequence comes with 3 emails and the second sequence comes with 4 emails!

I selected all of them and moved to the next stage “The Editor”

Here is where you can see and edit all the Emails software created for you! You can review the emails and do the required edits if needed!

And then choose “save sequence” or “save and send to autoresponder”

I didn’t try the autoresponder feature because my current autoresponder doesn’t integrate with the software but still if there was an option for my autoresponder, I would prefer to manually copy & paste the sequence to my autoresponder. (That’s a personal choice)

And that’s it!

Very simple and straight to the point software!

Now in order to recap!

The process was very simple and it  goes like that:

  1. Choose category
  2. Answer the questions that Email Force provides you (around 5-10 minutes)
  3. Select Sequence and all Emails within the sequence you chose! (around 10-15 SECONDS) LOL!
  4. Review and Edit the emails (If needed, 2-5 minutes max)
  5. Send them to your autoresponder automatically or manually copy & paste

So with Email Force you need maximum 20-30 minutes to create and setup a professional autoresponder sequence that converts! (With $0 cost)


You have to do the work yourself which will take you days or even weeks to complete a whole email sequence that will not convert so well or even worse hire a copywritter do the work for you and pay $197++ for each email sequence you need!

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The Cons of the Software:

Above I show you how easy it is to use the software and how much time & money can save you! (In my opinion this is a MUST Have TOOL…)

There are tons of good things & benefits Email Force offers you but there are also few cons that I didn’t like and I have to mention if I want my review to be 100% honest!

Although these cons are not big issues and can be easily fixed or improved by product creators I have to let you know:

1) The first thing I didn’t like was that I have to answer all the questions that software provides me. It makes sense to answer all the questions in order to help software craft your emails however there are questions like “List Bonus #1”, “List Bonus #2”, “List Bonus #3” that could be optional.

What If I want to offer just 2 bonuses and not 3?

Ok the solution to this, is to fill the blank with something random and when you are in the EDITOR at the end of the  process then delete bonus 3 or do any edit you want! (So this isn’t a big deal but I would prefer software gave me the option to choose.)

2) There is not an option for Mass Delete on saved sequences! Ok this is also not a big problem but I would love to see a mass delete option instead of  having deleting emails 1 by 1.

I believe this is an easy to add Feature, so if this is requested to product creators via support, then I believe that they can add it even at the same day as this is not big deal for a developer!

So that’s pretty much the CONS of the Email Force! or just things that I don’t like!

However this is a unique software and while there are few things needed to be fixed I strongly believe that this is a good investment!

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Why should you buy Email Force?

Just few reasons you should invest on Email Force Today!

  • Turn ANY list into a profit machine with DFY emails PROVEN to drive sales
  • Make up to a whopping 4300% ROI from every campaign
  • Minimize or COMPLETELY eliminate your need for paid traffic, ever again
  • PERFECT for BOTH beginners and advanced marketers looking to profit WHILE they build their lists!

Checkout the Sales page below to see how Email Force can help you make money, save you tons of money, tons of time & actually see what other people say about it!

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You can get Email Force for $37 at the Early Bird Price.

The price will increase every day and at the end of the launch will reach the price of $47 + $7 monthly recurring…

This means that at the end of the launch you will have to pay much more + monthly recurring…!

So grab it right now while the price is still low!

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My Bonuses:

When You purchase Email Force through my link you also get access to the follow High Quality and High Value bonuses:

BONUS #1 – Reseller Rights To My FB Traffic Dominion 2.0 

You will get 100% commissions through the whole funnel! (Not have to worry about support, sales pages, delivery product etc…We handle everything for you) You only have to send quality targeted traffic and any sale you make on the FE and on any of the Upgrades is 100% yours!

You can make up to $133.95 per click if someone buy the FE and Upgrades! (All the required details will be sent to you) NEVER OFFERED BEFORE!

BONUS #2 – Email Marketing Exellence (Perfect fit with Email Force)

Training in PDF & Video series format. Eveyrthing about email marketing!

BONUS #3 – Swipe File Chamber (Perfect fit with Email Force)

Swipe file package contains thousands of words used by the best copywriters. You can copy and paste them into your sales letters, squeeze pages, promo emails, blog subject lines and many more. Each of these swipe files has a minimum of 100, I repeat… ONE HUNDRED swipes that you can use.

BONUS #4 – Easy Copywriter (Perfect fit with Email Force)

Once the copywriter program is opened, just select from the dropdown menu for the swipes topics you want to use (Email Subjects, Headlines, Intros, Questions, Call To Actions, Guarantees etc… and then click on generate.
Each time you click on generate, it will generate a random swipe copy. You can simply copy the swipe text and use it as you like.

BONUS #5 – Some EXTRA Bonuses I managed to get from Email Force Vendors

Click the link to see the extra bonuses:


After making your purchase, Download the TXT file marked as “Alex’s Bonuses” in your JVZoo membership to get instructions of how to access all the bonuses!

 *Just be doubly sure that you purchased through my recommendation link to qualify for this bonus bundle.

If you have any question or any issue, please open a ticket at at and we’ll help you out ASAP.

Conclusion – Closing:

Email Force is a unique product/software!

It’s like a Fill In The Blank software that within minutes can provide you a whole autoresponder sequence without needing to pay thousands of dollars on copywriters or spending weeks write them by yourself!

This works on any niche! And I mean it!

In my opinion there is space for few improvements and I’m pretty sure that creators will do their best to improve Email Force as it looks like that will be an evergreen software/service!

Overall I believe that is a software that is worth the investment and it’s what we call value for money!

This will pay you in long term and even if you use Email Force just once then still worth it! Considering that if you want to hire a copywritter to write your autoresponder sequence you will have to pay x10-20 the price of Email Force and just for ONLY 1 sequence…!!!

With Email Force you have no limit and you can create as many autoresponder sequences as you want! And all of that just for a tiny $37 one time fee. (Of course this is the Early Bird price and after the launch there will be a recurring payment)

So with that been said I recommend you grab Email Force at the Early Bird Price + my Awesome Bonuses mentioned above!

==> Get Email Force at the Early Bird Price Now + All My Special Bonuses! <==

To Your Success,

P.S. Questions or Comments?

I love hearing from you guys! So please just leave me a comment or question in the comments section below or send me an email to [email protected]!

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