Free Bonus Facebook Ad Campaign Strategy – Mind Map

This is a blog post – Free bonus mind map for Fb Traffic Dominion 2.0 customers but also for regular blog visitors.

FTD 2.0 members who have read an apply our training will probably understand better the following mind map. Although I will try to keep this post simple in order to be understandable even for a regular blog visitor who wants to learn more about a good fb ad strategy. 😉

Here’s what you will learn from this post:

  1. What is the first thing you need to focus on when starting a new Brand on Facebook.
  2. Who are the people you need to target with your fb ads
  3. Who must you retarget with your fb ads and why.
  4. The Bridge Page – What is it and why you need to use it?
  5. What’s next?
  6. BONUS – Bridge Page Example & Instabuilder Template , Mind Map image (All Free Downloadable)

So let’s get started really quick and see our Mind Map below…

( Click on the Image to Zoom In)


Let’s take each step separately and explain steps one by one. 

1. What is the first thing you need to focus on when starting a new Brand on Facebook?

First of all what is brand?

Brand can be a Name,Your Business Name, Your Personal Name etc… and can be easily recognized from people through a Logo, picture or even your own face.

It doens’t require to create a Logo or find a super cool name. Many people and especially in the Internet Marketing business build a Brand around their Personal Name and they use their own face as a “LOGO”. (Many Youtubers do the same)

For example I personally use my own name “Alex Langidis” and I use some pictures with my own face. People who have bought one of my products, it’s easier for them to remember my face or my Name!

Recently I also created a new Business Brand called AL Marketing Blueprints and it’s the Brand that I will use from so on in order to sell my products that I and my team create.

So when I create a new Fb Ad and people come across my ads when they see my Face, my logo or my Name then there is a big chance that they will not bypass my ad without giving a close look.

However people will stop in my ads only if they remember me for a good reason.

Actually people remember your Brand for a good reason or a bad reason.

If the audience who saw my ads and has got something valuable from me in the past ( product, bonus , free training, valuable blog post etc…) then there is a big chance that they will recognize me and then there is a bigger chance to engange with my ad.

In the other hand if the audience who saw my ad has bad experience with me, probably they will recognize me but will skip my ad without enganging with it. (In the worst case they will leave a bad comment)

But what will happen when audience see your brand for the 1st time?

The First Impression is the most important thing!

When you create Video ads or any kind of Ads in order to attract new audience, you need to do everything you can in order to leave to your audience the best possible impression and if you do that then you have already succeeded.

In the mind map above I’m talking about a Viral Video or Content Video. (FTD 2.0 members already know where to find Viral Videos)

Viral video can be a funny video, shocking, an emotional video etc… and Content video can be a training, a video that help people solve problem etc. and they are used mostly on business and niches that viral videos don’t exist or they are just a few.

Content videos are very powerful even for niches that has many viral videos. For example if you are on dog niche and you share a Training Video about dogs that has lot of value, you gain instant authority and you boost your Brand explosure!

(The audience will start following you, listening to you and remembering you for a good reason, as they will have got/learned something valuable from you.)

Some of the reasons I use Video Ads in order to attract new audience is because video ads:

  1. Give you a HUGE exposure for only $5/day
  2. Videos are emotional, people love them and engange with them
  3. Video ads attract much more audience than any other kind of ads
  4. The cost is extremely low ( as low as $0.001 per view)

And much more benefits that I will not list here. You get the idea! 🙂

2. Who are the people you need to target with your fb video ads?

Generally you need to target people who are interested in your niche or retarget your existing customers and your existing visitors. However I can’t explain in this blog post everything about targeting and how to do it the right way.

If you want to learn more about market research, targeting and much more grab our Fb Traffic Dominion 2.0 guide here.

After you do the right targeting and start running your first video ad to the right audience then you have the option in your facebook ad manager to create a retargeting audience with people who have enganged with your video.

Normally the best audience to retarget as you saw in the mind map image above, is the audience who has the best engagment with your video.

In the mind map I recommend to create a custom audience with people who have watched 75-95% of your video length , although you are free to do your own tests and see what works better for you!

3. Who must you retarget with your fb ads and why?

I said above I recommend to retarget those High Enganged People with a new ad.


Because those people probably showed some kind of interest in what you have to say in your video or showed some more interest than others who just saw few seconds of your video and then decided that they are not so interested.


If 20.000 people saw your viral/content video and only 3.000 of them watched 75-95% of the video length, then these are the people you must retarget with new ads.

It simply not make sense if you retarget people who have watched only 25% of your video length or just few seconds. Those people kindly told you that they are not so interested in what you show them on the video. So there is no point to try retargeting them with new ads while it will probably be a waste of money.

So always try to retarget your best custom audience!!!

Now when you have a high enagnged audience ready to retarget with new ads you can do it either by creating a Website Click Ad – Campaign like show in the Mind Map or by creating a new Video Ad but this time using a VSL (Video Sales Letter) or Whiteboard & Explainer Videos in order to sale (your product, services etc… ) direct to your best audience.

If you decide to do a Website Click Ad then you need a catchy image for grab attention, a good headline and a strong call to action!

In the other hand if you decide to do again Video Ad using VSL or Whiteboard & Explainer Videos and you don’t know or want to create it by your own then you can hire someone on Fiverr to do it for you.

(The benefit Video Ad has over the Website Click Ad is that you can create again high enganged audience who have watched 75-95% of the video length but this time of the sales video)

So if you decide to use video ad you can retarget the best enganged audience (once again) that show some interest in your sales video. 

And as a final stage you will retarget them with Website Click Ads and send them directly to your Sales page, Ecommerce store etc… or to the Bridge Page which I will explain below…

Mind Maps strategies of the above example:

( Click on the Image to Zoom In)

( Click on the Image to Zoom In)

*Note: Before starting selling to your best audience, it’s good idea to give more content, value etc… in order that prospect/visitor/audience to get used to your brand and trust you even more. Also people may need to see your offer up to 7  times before deciding to purchase. So if you have a good offer and you show it to the right audience and don’t convert immediately, don’t stop it. Give it some time before you have a clear view.

With that been said it’s time to move on to the next step..

4. The Bridge Page – What is it and why you need to use it?

The bridge page in most cases is a simple page that we send traffic when we use fb ads.

This page is mostly used when you are promoting affiliate offers or products, services etc… on niches like Internet Marketing , Make Money Online etc…


If you want to promote a Clickbank, JVZoo, WarriorPlus affiliate offer and you want to do it through fb ads then you can’t do it!

Facebook will not approve your fb ad because they don’t allow to promote affiliate offers directly from fb ads and in the worst case they will ban your facebook ad account.

Also Cloaking, masking your affiliate link believing that you will trick facebook is too risky!

So Facebook really gives a close look where you send their traffic. That’s why we use the Bridge Page like the example below:

( Click on the Image to Zoom In)

As you can see this is a simple page that hasn’t got any big claim or anything like that. It only has few words of what you will get on the next page, an image with our Brand and a button which will redirect them on the next page which could be an Affiliate offer, CPA offer, Bonus page, Our product, Services etc….

The next page after the bridge page will be everything we promised and marketed in our fb ads.

So the Bridge Page is mainly used in order to keep our facebook ad account safe!

From our experience Facebook only cares about the first page visitor will be redirected to after clicking a facebook ad!

So if facebook will see a page like the one on the example above which doesn’t have any hard claim etc… then they will approve our ad and we can still make some money selling affiliate offers from networks like Clickbank, JVZoo, WarriorPlus!

*NOTE: If you are not promoting affiliate offers and you want to send traffic for example in an ecommerce store then you can skip this step and not use the Bridge page.

5. What’s next?

The Mind Map has come to an end, like this blog post.

The final stage is to make some money selling something to your high enganged audience list you have built using video ads!

Custom Audience is like an Email List. You put some effort and work in order to build it but when you do it and monetize it the right way then you can make a lot of money.

The only difference is that in the email list you send an email in order to show them your ad/offer while in the Facebook custom audience you show them your ad in order to make some money!

It’s all about targeting and trust!

When you have a targeted email list that knows you, trusts you and you show them the right offer then it will convert, the same will happen with the facebook custom audience!

Blog Post Bonuses – Download Mind Maps & Bridge Page Template:


I know that this mind map may be a little bit confusing especially for those who are not used to Facebook Ads, so if you have any questions feel free to comment below.

If you like this post and want me to create more blog posts like this one, I will like to hear your feedback! 😉


Co- Founder of AlMarketingBlueprints

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