Fusion Review | Honest Review and Bonuses!

Fusion Review | Honest Review and Bonuses!
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100% newbie friendly way to make 100 dollars per day using a simple system that a complete newbie can do.

Jeff Grow has put together 3 real case studies showing how he generated results using this system.

Fusion Review:

Today I’m doing a review of a new training course by Jeff  Grow & Jason Fulton called Fusion”.

To be honest when they asked me to review Fusion my first thought was “Great…Another product with an overhyped sales page which promises $100+ per day”

Let’s be honest…This is what it comes to our minds every time we see those pages & most of the time products teach the same things over and over again.


When I started watching the training and reviewing Fusion I started changing my first thoughts.

Here’s where the sentence “Don’t judge a book by its cover”  comes.

The truth is that sales pages are always a little bit overhyped but what we really need to judge is the training and what is inside the product. “Not the cover of the book!”

So below I give a hint of what is Fusion about and how it can help you and your business!

Also I created a SPECIAL UNIQUE BONUS PACKAGE to cover some missing piece that Fusion may has. Some of my bonuses can even replace some of the Upgrades/OTOs of Fusion.

So make sure you read my Honest Fusion Review until the end!

What is Fusion?

Fusion is 100% newbie friendly way to make 100 dollars per day using a simple system that a complete newbie can do.

Jeff’s fusion method is very simple.

Any beginner can replicate the system and get similar results quickly.

In fact, Jeff Grow has put together 3 real case studies showing how he generated results using this system.

And not just this…

Jeff also gives the exact template he uses for his campaigns. Bonus: Fusion Cash Template!

I can’t get in many details but for sure Fusion training is good and it works.

All I can say for now is that Fusion is a simple 3 page funnel strategy (1 page you don’t even need to build) and for sure Fusion startegy can make you up to x10 more money than any other method.

So if you have tried other affiliate methods/strategies  in the past but they didn’t convert traffic into buyers then you definitely need to try Fusion…

3 page funnel, it may sound familiar but believe me this strategy is unique. I haven’t seen anyone using it and although is very simple and powerful, I never thought of it. (only few marketers maybe use this strategy to make big profits…)

Now I want to be honest!

The Sales Page is a little bit overhyped as said on the beginning of this review but this is what we usually see on IM and MMO niches… and as marketers many times we over do it.

So I want to be honest and totally transparent. This is not the next BIG Thing but definitely is something that it works.

If you have hard times with affiliate marketing, you can’t make money through affiliate marketing while you’re building an email list, you can’t convert traffic into sales or even you haven’t made your first sale yet, then Fusion strategy is something you need to try 100%…

And now the biggest question most of the people ask:

Is it possible to make $100++ in just 24 hours as the sales page says?

Yes and No…

Jeffs inside Fusion teaches the main strategy which in my opinion is a very smart method and he uses both Free and Paid Traffic.

Now if you use paid traffic like he mostly did, it’s very possible to see results and profit in 24 hours.

In the other hand as we all know Free traffic doesn’t convert so well, most of the time is not so targeted and it takes time. Of course you can make money using free traffic but I believe that it’s almost impossible to make $160 in 24 hours from free traffic.

So I don’t want to be a liar and be totally honest!

If you want to use free traffic make sure it’s “Targeted” and then yes you can make money. It may take more than 24 hours to make $160 but yes it’s possible.

If takes more than 24 hours to make $160+ with free traffic then all I have to say is “who cares, it’s pure profit…”

Jeff shows you where to get tons of free traffic so that there will not be a problem for you if you don’t know where to start.

In fact Fusion Strategy in my opinion is the best strategy in order to convert cold traffic into buyers and more especially convert free traffic.

So after all both Free & Paid traffic works… but don’t focus on short term business and quick cash!

Fusion is a strategy that can help you build a long term business and make a lot of money.


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Why should you buy Fusion?

As said above, Fusion is a very simple method and it works… I reviewed the training and the idea behind the strategy Jeff Grow uses is actually really good.

Here is why I believe that you should buy Fusion:

  1. If you are a begginer then it’s the best way to get started making  money from affiliate offers while you’re building your email list
  2. While you’re building Huge email list & making money, using Fusion Strategy also allows you to set yourself as an authority and build trust between you and your subscribers at the same time.
  3. Fusion strategy helps you to increase the conversion and turn cold traffic into hot buyers. Probably the fastest way to turn cold traffic into hot traffic (buyers)
  4. If you are Intermediate or even Advanced marketer then Fusion can help you too. The strategy is very smart, can boost sales, conversions and build huge list at the same time.

I could list more benefits but I think you get the point…


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You can get Fusion for $12.95 at the Early Bird Price.

When Early Bird Price ends then price will increase on every sale.

So grab it right now while the price is still low!

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This time I’m not going to talk about OTOs  because simply you don’t need them and in my opinion they’re a little bit overpriced.

All you need is the Fusion front end offer + my bonuses and you are 100% covered.

More especially some of my bonuses below can easily replace some of the Fusion OTOs.

In my opinion the OTO 2 which is about email marketing and some more advanced stuff may worth the investement but once again OTOs are totally optional and it depends on each purchaser needs if they want to buy them or not.

Extra TIP: If you want any of the upgrades /OTOs press the “No Thanks” at the bottom of the OTO page and grab the same OTO with huge discount!

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My Bonuses:

This time I decided to create a unique bonus that can give an extra boost!

The problem with Affiliate marketing and the missing piece on Fusion product is that you need to promote affiliate offers but sometimes it’s hard to get approved especially when you are new affiliate. Also finding quality affiliate offers is another common issue…

No Worries… I’ve got you covered!

My special unique bonus will solve all these issues and even if you are totally newbie and haven’t your own page builder yet, I ve got you covered too!

Pay close attention!

If you purchase Fusion through my link you get:

1) Fb Traffic Dominion 2.0 (Reseller Rights) Which means that you will get an approved affiliate link for 100% commission through whole funnel.  Any sale you make is 100% yours and all the money goes to your pocket! (Not just 50% commission)

2) Instant Affiliate Approval for 5 Quality and Top selling Softwares on JVZoo + Custom coupon codes to give away to your prospects

3) Profit Canvas Pro. I said Fusion strategy is all about a 3 simple page funnel (and 1 page of them doesn’t even need to create). So you need a page builder that you may not have. No problem. With my special bonus Profit Canvas Pro, you will have one of the best Drag and Drop Page Builder to build your pages and make more money

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Conclusion – Closing:

My short conclusion about Fusion is:

Little bit overhyped Sales page but with Good and Quality content inside the product…

Fusion Strategy is very smart, gives you 100’s of benefits over other affiliate methods and after all is something that works!

My opinion is that Fusion is a training that is worth the investment and make sure that you apply everything you will learn inside. And no matter what’s your marketing level experience, Fusion strategy can work for newbiews and advanced marketers.

It’s very simple and easy!

So I highly recommend you to grab your own copy and apply what you will learn inside!

And of course along with Fusion grab my special bonus package.

Act fast and smart and grab your own copy at the lowest possible price right below:

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To Your Success,


P.S. Questions or Comments?

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