How To Create Facebook Retargeting Ads

How To Create Facebook Retargeting Ads

After many customers & subscribers requests I decided to create an educational step by step guide and show you how you can use facebook retargeting ads!

For those who don’t know what is retargeting and how it works then I suggest you to give a look at the picture below:


This is a simple example of how fb retargeting works.

According to much marketing research and retargeting infographics 96% of people who visit your site, leave without buying anything and 49% of people will visit more than 4 websites before making a single purchase! 

An average customer converts around 2-5% on the first visit to an online store and 95% leave a site without making a transaction!

But retargeted customers, 70% will more likely complete a purchase and will spend close to 50% more than an average customer!

So what all these stats mean with few words??

They simply mean that you are losing 95% of your visitors / paid traffic forever!

But what would happen if you could retarget all of your visitors?

I will just let you see the following stats and I’m sure that you will be surprised:


As you can see retargeting can increase your conversion rates by as high as 147% which is very impressive. Isn’t it?

I’m sure that you have already been impressed with the retargeting stats and I know that most of you have never created a retargeting ad before. But this is the reason I created this blog post in order to help you understand why retargeting is so important for your marketing campaigns on 2016, why you need to start using retargeting ads if you haven’t yet and finally show you the real power of retargeting which you can already see by the stats above!

  How to retarget your visitors with Facebook:

First of all I would like to mention the main retargeting options you have with facebook and then I will try to cover each one.

The main options you have are 3:

  1. Upload an existing email list on facebook!
  2. Retarget your Website visitors (using facebook pixel)
  3. Build a retargeting audience through facebook video ads

These are the main retargeting options you have with facebook and all of them are awesome! You can use all of them or use each one for different purpose!

Let’s give a closer look on each of the options above!

Option No1:

Uploading an existing email list on facebook and retarget your existing customers/ email list is a very simple and effective method.

Most of the autoresponders give you the ability to export your email list and for this example I will show you how you can do it on Getresponse as this is my autoresponder, but the method is almost the same for any of the autoresponders out there. If you have a different autoresponder like Aweber, Mailchimp etc… and can’t find how you can export your email list then you can simply contact their support which will gladly help you or just search on google 😉

Step 1: 

So when you login on your Getresponse account, go on contacts and press “search contacts”. ( The process is almost the same for any autoresponder as said above, if you have any problem, contact your autoresponder support and ask them to help you export your email list)

getresponse - contacts

then simply click “View all contacts


Step 2:

Select your “Campaign / Email List” you want to export then click “Actions” Button and select “Export”. See the image below:


Once you press “Export” a pop up window will appear:


Now you only need to name the CSV file for example ” Customers Email List” or anything you like. When you press export button, the file will be created and will be ready for download.

Just dowload the file somewhere on your desktop where it will be easy to find because on the next step you will need to upload the file on facebook.

Step 3:

Once you download your email list successfully then just go on Facebook > Manage Ads.


Once you log in on your Manage Ads Dashboard, you will need to go on Tools and select “Audiences“.


And after that at the left side you will find a button called “Create Audience” where you will select “Custom Audience”


Now a pop up will appear where you will have to select the type of custom audience you want to create and on this case/option we will have to select “Customer List” . On the Option No2 as promised, I will show you how to create custom audience with Website Traffic.2016-04-11_0042_001

Now it’s time to upload our list that we have exported from our autoresponder.

Note: I have noticed that sometimes after uploading a list maybe a pop up window will appear that will say there was an error but you can ignore it and keep uploading your list and everything will work fine!


Once you have uploaded an email list  successfully you will see the following message:

2016-04-11_0044As you can see above for this example I have uploaded a small list of 60 people and now Facebook will have to find those users and create my custom audience.

It may take up to 30 minutes for audience to be ready but in our case because the list was too small, our audience was ready almost immediately.


Our audience is ready for use. Unfortunately facebook was able to find 50 out of 60 from my email list but this is still awesome because now I can retarget those 50 people all day long and if they still don’t see or read my emails, they will definitely see my Facebook retargeting ads!

To create a retargeting campaign simply select the audience from the left side and then press “Create Ad” button!


Then select the type of your facebook ad  and create your facebook ad like a normal ad. The only difference is that this time you don’t have to do any research or try to target the right audience because this time you will retarget your existing customers or email list!

Remarketing is great for many reasons. For example:

  • Reduced cost per impression
  • Better conversion rates
  • Improved ROI
  • Precise targeting
  • Cost effective branding

This is pretty much of how you upload an existing email on facebook and create a retargeting campaign! Retargeting your existing email list will help you increase your sales or improve your brand at very very low cost!

Our next Option No2 is to create custom audience with “Website Visitors” which means that you can retarget anyone who have visit your webiste or any of your pages!

So let’s give a closer look at the Option No2


If you are involved with Internet Marketing for a quite some time then you probably have already spent few money or even thousands of dollars on traffic. You also may already have spent a lot of money on Fb ads, Bing ads, Banners, Solo ads or any other paid traffic source.

Now just let me give a very simple example of how powerful retargeting is and why you must use it if you are not doing it already!

Example: If you buy a solo ad today of 100 clicks you are going to pay around $40-$60 and in the best case if your Squeeze page converts well, around 40% you are going to receive 40 Leads out of those 100 clicks. 

But there is a big chance that out of those 40 Leads, at least 10 of them or more will be fake or spam leads that will never open your emails!

So you are spending too much money and you are losing more than 60% of your traffic that you have already paid without even converting them into leads.

That is very bad but now just think what would happen if you had a fb pixel on your squeeze page and you could capture all the traffic from the solo ad that you have paid.

If you have a fb pixel on your page then you are going to capture around 80 -100 of your visitors out of those 100 clicks you bought. And the best part is that facebook will capture their real facebook id , so you are going to build an audience with real people and not a list with fake or spam emails.

With Fb pixel they can’t fool you and you can retarget all your visitors even those who didn’t optin on your squeeze page. Which means that you have another chance to convert them into leads and then into buyers using retargeting ads.

Maybe the first time a visitor came on your squeeze page he wasn’t interested on what you were offering at the current time but if you can retarget him/her then you might offer something different that will be more interesting to him/her.

I believe that you now catch the main point and now you can see why you need to start using fb retargeting if you are not already!

But now let’s see how you can use it!

Step 1:

Once again you need to go on Manage Ads , Tools and go to Audiences:


and then create Custom Audience:


This time we are going to select “Website Traffic”:


You are going to see a pop up window like this below on the image where you have some options and you can see them below.

In our case we are going to select “People who visit specific web pages” because for this example I will show you how you can capture visitors for a specific page:


Of course you can create many different custom audiences even for the same website. 

For example you can select the first option and capture “Anyone who visits your website” and at the same time create different custom audience and capture visitors who have visited a specific page from your website!

On the following picture you can see that I have selected the option “People who visit specific web pages”  I have put my specific URL with the page I want to create custom audience with the people who have visited this specific page.


I have also selected to create my custom audience and keep everyone who have visited this specific page in the last 180 days, which are the maximum days that facebook can track. So anyone who will visit this specific page or have already visited it in the last 180 days will be included in my custom audience. 

(“Include past website traffic” : of course this will work only if you had inserted your Fb pixel on the page or website before creating a custom audience.)

Then simply put an Audience Name and Description (optional) that will help you remember which is the audience you have made! Once you finish just press “Create Audience”


My audience is created but of course is not ready Audience too small” as we haven’t installed Fb pixel yet and my audience size is 0 at this moment.

So select the current audience, press Action Button and select View Pixel:


Just copy the Pixel Code and we have to insert it on our Specific Page where we want to capture visitors from.

pixel code

In my case I have to login on my wordpress site, find the specific page/ post and insert the pixel code on my post between  the <head> and </head>

However I know that you don’t like coding and technical stuff and me neither!

That’s why I use a specific plugin that allows me to insert my pixel code on all my website pages within 30 sec without doing anything technical or coding.


You can download my special plugin here for FREE:

Once you download it, you only need to upload it on your wordpress site and install it like any other plugin.


Simply paste your Facebook Pixel Code & press “Update code and save”

And that’s it!

Your pixel code has been installed on every page on your website without needing each time to manually add it on a specific page and doing any coding edit.

In case you are wondering… Yes your pixel code is unique and it is 1 for all your custom audience. Once you install it on your website then you only need to create different custom audience as I showed you before if you want to capture visitors from specific pages or you can simply create custom audience and capture “Anyone who visits your website” which means that if someone visit any of your website pages then he/she will be saved on your custom audience and you can retarget him/her later with facebook ads.

In order to make sure that your Facebook Pixel Code installed properly then you can install a Chrome Extension Pixel Helper. This allows you to see if a pixel is installed properly!


Pixel Helper is Free and you can Download It Here!

Facebook requires at least 20 unique people to visit your page in order to turn your custom audience on “Ready” otherwise you will keep seeing the message “Audience Too Small”

Now as soon as we get 20+ more visitors on our specific page our custom audience will be ready for use which means that we will be able to retarget those 20+ people who visit our specific page!

That was easy, wasn’t it?

If you follow these simple steps you can have your own custom audience ready to see your retargeting ads. TODAY!

This is how facebook retargeting works. However those are basic steps that will help you understand how facebook retargeting works and this blog post will help you create your first retargeting audience.

In a future Blog Post I will show you more Advanced Techniques that will help you take retargeting to the next level.

Almost forgot the 3rd Option!


Well the truth is that I didn’t forget it but I don’t have enough space to write about the 3rd option right now!

However I have already created a whole product about it!

Facebook Traffic Dominion.

The 3rd retargeting option is to create Videos ads and Facebook will automatically create 2 custom audiences for you.

  1. Audience that has seen 95% or less of your video length 
  2. Audience that has seen 95% of your video length or until the end!

Audience 1Those audiences are created automatically from facebook while your video ad is running without needing to do anything else. Audience 2

Just to mention that Facebook Video Ads can deliver you super Targeted traffic for just $0,001 per video view and yes I didn’t do anything wrong. I”m talking about 3 zeros!!!

2016-02-04_0025 2016-02-04_0020


So if you haven’t already purchased my Latest course Facebook Traffic Dominion 2.0  and you want to learn how to create those video ads , build those huge targeting audiences, get targeted traffic for as low as $0,001 and much much more then simply click on the link below:

For Cheapest and High Targeted Traffic Click Here! Special Low Price For Very Limited Time!

And with that being said, It’s time to take some action and apply everything you learned today!

I hope that you got a lot of value Today!

Please comment below and let me know if you find this post valuable, if this helped you on any way and if you would like more blog posts like this!

To Your Success,

Alex Langidis


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