MailIt Review – FREE Autoresponder (More Opens – More Clicks – More Results – NO MONTHLY FEE!)

MailIt Review:

MailIt Review

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Hey guys, today I am checking out a plugin titled “MailIt Plugin” by Brett. I have great bonuses which are integrated 100% with MailIt and you can use them in order to build a list for FREE!

I’m sure that you are going to receive many emails about this but as I was a Beta Tester for more than 4 months, I have a better view of this and know more about Mailit than anyone else.

So I have written an honest review to point everything out.

This is a plugin that can set you free and never pay again a single payment on autoresponder.

MailIt Review:

Watch Below To See Why Brett Made this:

So What exactly is Mail It?

Mail It is a self-hosted mailing WordPress plugin that provides improved delivery and open rates to what you will get with 3rd party email services like Aweber, GetResponse, and many others.

With a self-hosted mailing service you have complete control of who you send emails to, when you send emails, and how you send emails.

So as I said above I was a Beta Tester of Mailit for more than 4 months and I now use it for my own Business!

In case you don’t know Brett the creator of Mailit and his JV partner Mike they both are 7 figure business owners and they both now use MailIt in their 7-figure business.

This automatically answers your questions like “Does it really work?” or “Does it really worth?”

Once again MailIt was created by 7 figure marketer and yes he is using it for his own business.

I personally use it for my business too. And my opinion is that this software is a game changer!!!

I used Getresponse for many years and I was very happy until Getresponse get Blacklisted and I just started seeing 10-20% Bounce Rate on my emails.

That means that 20% of the emails I was sending weren’t delivered.

This made me wanting to change autoresponder but when I did a research and asked my marketer friends I found out that all my marketing friends had the same issues with other autoresponders like Aweber.

That was the moment that I decided to start using Mailit for my own business. And yes the results surprised me because…

…With Mail It:

  • Delivery rates are consistently higher than what I was getting with 3rd party email services like Aweber, Getresponse etc…
  • Bounce rates are MUCH LOWER than before
  • Overall clicks and profits from email have INCREASED!

MailIt Is A No Brainer! Here Is Another Reason Why:

Why You Should Get Mail It Plugin Now?
Because MailIt Gives You FULL Control Of Your Online Business…

YOU choose what subscribers you upload into the system
YOU choose when you send emails
YOU choose how many emails you want to send (there are no limits)
YOU choose what’s in the emails that you send…
YOU never have to worry about a 3rd party company crippling your business and costing you money… ever again!

So with that been said…

Take A Look At What You Get With Mail It:

  • Mail It is a WordPress plug-in that’s easy to setup and use… ANYONE, regardless of technical background or experience, can be up and running in a matter of minutes
  • Send emails with your own site or use an SMTP relay (Such as Amazon, G-Mail, SendGrid and more) if you choose.
  • Import your lists without restrictions… There’s no one to tell you which subscribers you can and cannot upload – It’s your business and you can upload any lists you wish with a click of your mouse
  • There’s also no limit to the amount of lists that you upload… With Mail It, upload unlimited lists into the software and start mailing!
  • When you import lists, invalid emails are automatically filtered out, maximizing your delivery rates and saving you time from having to manually “scrub” your lists
  • Send as many emails as you want… anytime you want. If you haven’t caught on yet, there are NO limits with Mail It 🙂
  • Send one-time email “broadcasts” or set up autoresponder messages to follow-up with your subscribers on autopilot…
  • Mail It is SPF – DKIM, and Can SPAM compliant so you don’t have to worry about running afoul of any of the major emailing rules and regulations out there
  • With the click of your mouse, you can get all of the most important email stats to run your business… things like open rate, click rate, spam complaints and bounce rate are all tracked inside of Mail It
  • Want to send formatted HTML emails? No problem… You can do that with Mail It! You even get access to a powerful WYSIWYG message creator if you don’t want to mess with complicated HTML code…
  • Your subscribers can easily unsubscribe with a single click… there are no hoops for them to jump through if they want off your list… this GREATLY reduces SPAM complaints and protects your send reputation…
  • Built in send throttling to ensure your complaint with ANY hosting
  • Clean the bad emails from your list with a single click with our simple “list cleaning” feature
  • And of course, Mail It would not be complete without the ability to create unlimited opt-in forms in just seconds
  • Mail It integrates with Brett’s Profit Canvas AND Affiliate Trax software to save you time and make your online marketing business unstoppable…
  • And, you get access to “step by step” tutorials to make it easy for you to get started


The price on the Front end is $67!

However you can get it for ONLY $47 through me as I own a reseller license.


Click Here at 11am US EST Monday 22nd of August To Secure The Discount + My Bonuses Below

About The OTO’s:

There are 3 Upsells which are totally optional and you don’t really need them:

Upsell 1 is a developer license at $47

Upsell 2 is a reseller-Agency License at $97

Upsell 3 is a bundle of softwares at $67. (YOURS FREE – READ BELOW)

Click Here at 11am US EST Monday 22nd of August To Secure The Discount + My Bonus Below

My Bonuses:

When you pick MailIt Plugin Through My Link , here are the bonuses you get:

EXCLUSIVE BONUS 1: 4 Awesome Plugins With Reseller Rights – GiveAway Rights”



The Upsell 3 as already said above is a bunlde of softwares.

More specifically the softwares are:

  1. SqueezeMatic which is selling for $19 per month.
  2. VideoTakeover which is selling for $47
  3. Affiliate Trax which is selling for $67.

Unfortunately I don’t own Video Takeover reseller license but I will replace it with another software which I find more usefull and worth much more.

It’s called Profit Canvas Pro it’s selling for $47 and it’s fully integrated with MailIt Plugin!

So if you pick MailIt through me then you are going to receive:

Profit Canvas Pro Selling for $47 through me (Official Site Price $497)


Affiliate Trax selling for $67

affiliate trax

Squeeze Matic selling for $19 per month


How awesome is this?

You are getting Upsell 3 totally FREE and 3 AWESOME softwares!!!


Click Here at 11am US EST Monday 22nd of August To Secure The Discount + My Bonus Above!

How To Get The Bonuses:

After you purchase Mailit plugin through my button, simply send your Transaction ID to [email protected] and I will create your FREE accounts for the bonus softwares and get the bonuses over to you ASAP.

Final Thoughts:

At the beginning when I first started using MailIt as a Beta Tester there weren’t so many features but Brett have made many Updates and added many features.

So as Brett uses it for himself then for sure this plugin will be updated regularly.

Now MailIt is completed with many awesome features and can easily replace your autoresponder and never pay again a single payment.

The results you are going to get with self-hosting autoresponder nowadays are much better than any other 3rd party autoresponder.

The price I’m giving Mailit Plugin + All Bonuses etc… are ridiculously low!!!

The reason I’m doing it, is because I want everyone on my list to have it and benefit from it and all the bonuses.

With this ridiculous price and with 14 money back guarantee there is NO RISK at all!

Just try it for 14 days, try all the bonuses and softwares and if you feel that it is not worth the money or if it is not for you then I will give you full refund!

Click Here at 11am US EST Monday 22nd of August To Secure The Discount + My Bonus!

You can save yourself hundreds of dollars by just doing a tiny investment of $47 or you can keep paying monthly fees to autoresponders like Getresponse , Aweber etc…

You can keep getting high bounce rates and let others tell you how many emails you can send, how many subscribers you can have, which one you can upload and which not and what emails you can send or just get MailIt Plugin and take control of your own list!

In fact by using 3rd party autoresponder you are in risk of losing your business from one day to another.

Remember I was a happy customer of Getresponse but nowadays it’s so bad like Aweber and many other autoresponders.

They hardly deliver your emails, they don’t allow you upload lists, they charge you expensive monthly fees and they can shut down your account whenever they want with n0 warning.

So my business was in big risk and I was losing a lot of money. That’s why I switch to MailIt for ONE TIME FEE and now I know that my business is safe!

So let me ask you:

What you are going to do?

Click Here at 11am US EST Monday 22nd of August To Secure The Discount + My Bonus

Questions or Comments?

I love hearing from you guys, so please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.


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