Case Study: Make $30 – $50 Per Day From Fiverr

fiverr-case study

On this post I will show you how I make $50 per day from Fiverr with a brand new account!

The last few days I decided to create an extra income stream from which was my first income source back on 2013 when I started with Internet Marketing and Make Money Online.

Actually with Fiverr you don’t even need any Internet Marketing skills or Knowledge and anyone can make $30-$50 per day on fiverr, even if you have joined Make Money Online niche 5 minutes ago.

  • Don’t need Website
  • Don’t need Hosting
  • Don’t need Autoresponder
  • Don’t need Experience
  • Don’t need Traffic
  • Don’t need Investment
  • Don’t need Softwares,tools
  • Don’t need any Technical Experience

Well as I already said few days ago, I opened a brand new account and already make $50 per day from just 4 gigs.

Income On Brand New Account Proof:

(As you can see the account created 1 month ago and I’m not even 1 level Seller)



And as you can see above I have $50 Days without even become Level 1 Seller just imagine how much money you can make if you are Level 1 Seller and even better how much money you can make if you are Level 2 Seller.

Oh and just to remind you that I have created just 4 gigs and I’m planning to create 20 gigs to maximize my income..

So do you still believe that it is hard to make $50 per day online??

The Best Part…

…I’m not even working more than 5 minutes on Fiverr. I’m just outsourcing the orders and when they are completed then I go back on my Fiverr account to deliver the orders and get my money…

So let’s get started:

Step 1: Choose Niche 

I chose a Niche and what I’m going to sell on fiverr. First of course I did a small research to find the best selling niches and gigs on Fiverr. Also I decided to choose a niche and create gigs that I can outsourse and will not take to much of my time because at the same time I do a lot of things online and I don’t have time to spend on fiverr.

Step 2: Choose Username

I picked a nice username using the main keyword.

For Example if you decide you will sell ecover you may want to pick a username like “ecover_expert”  etc…

This will help you on your gig ranking.

Step 3: I upload my logo image

Upload Profile image or Your Logo image using your main keyword.

For Example “ecover.jpg”, “traffic.jpg” etc…

Step 3.1: Update My Profile

I Updated my profile description, write something about me, my experience on the niche and about my services.

I also verified my Facebook, Google + (This is optional but I recommend it.)


Step 4: Create My First Gig

Some basic things you need to do when creating your gigs is to use Main Keyword on titile, 2-3 times on gig description, Tags, upload Eye Catching gig photo.

Upload Video will boost your sales and probably your gig ranking too as like accounts who use videos to promote their gigs.

( I created 4 gigs, on 2 of them I used 30 sec-1 min videos and 2 other gigs just Eye Catching images)

If you want to learn more about how to create good and optimized gigs which convert, then I highly recommend you to learn from the Experts and Top Rated Sellers on the Fiverr like I did Learn More Here…

Step 5: Download Fiverr App On Your Smartphone

This is an optional step but I like Fiverr app because I can respond to my customers questions much faster and manage or watch sales/orders even if I’m out…

Well that’s it and yes it is that simple. Now you can just create 20 gigs to maximize your income.

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