SociBot Pro – Honest Review and Bonuses!

SociBot Pro - Honest Review and Bonuses!
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SociBot is an all in one Facebook traffic and commission getting software that will help you to grow your business on autopilot, even whilst your asleep! The software allows you to build huge list of people who comment and engage with your Facebook posts, then allowing you to direct message these people in a bid to sell your products and services.

In addition to the main feature that SociBot allows you to build a list and capture the audience of people that engage with your posts, the software has a huge list of awesome feautres that will help you to build your online business.

SociBot Review – Honest Review and Bonuses!


After publishing this review I came across with one of the Frank Kern’s Facebook ads. I believe is worth to mention it here!

So Guess what!

One of the biggest marketers out there uses the same technology that Socibot offers in order to build his list and make more sales!

Here’s the Proof:

160+ comments below type the word “Bluerpint”. BTW the bigger the engagement the lower the facebook ad’s cost!

So in order to make sure that this was what I thought, I had to engage too.

Here is what happened when I wrote blueprint in the comments:

I received a private message from Frank asking me to reply “Blueprint” in order to get something for FREE!

After that he sent me a link that redirects to his squeeze page!

So what actually happened:

  1. Frank created a facebook ad and called people to type “Blueprint”
  2. Massive engagement on post/facebook ad (social proof)
  3. Lower facebook ad cost
  4. Direct engagment with audience
  5. People joined Frank’s facebook list & now he can send them anything he wants, anytime directly inside facebook chat box (90-100% open rate)
  6. Sent people to squeeze page (also build email list)

You see the power of it?

The strategy actually is one of those I share on the bonus guide which I give away to anyone grab Socibot through my link!

So don’t waste your time, get Socibot + my Bonus today while the price is still low and copy my strategies in order to make more leads and sales!

This is the future of marketing, don’t be left behind!

If big marketers like Frank do it then this means one thing:


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Original Socibot Review:

Today I’m reviewing a cloud based software called SociBot!

And before I begin my review I want to give a big thanks to SociBot Team who gave me a review access on this software in order to write my honest review and share it with you! (my loyal customers, followers and blog/review readers)

Although this is not a new concept and there are many other softwares launched in the past which supposed to do what Socibot does,  I’m a little bit excited about this! (You should too! ) 😛

Well this is different, because it’s much better than the softwares launched in the past! But not only that!

Socibot offers so many features….!!!

With other softwares, you had to purchase 2 or 3 upgrades in order to have access on all the features that Socibot offers in the Front End alone. (More about it later…)

Ok I know that by now most of you may wonder what SociBot is all about, so let’s dive really quick in the SociBot review below in order to have a better understanding of what it’s all about…

What is SociBot Pro?

SociBot is an all in one Facebook traffic and commission getting software that will help you to grow your business on autopilot, even whilst your asleep! The software allows you to build huge list of people who comment and engage with your Facebook posts, then allowing you to direct message these people in a bid to sell your products and services.

In addition to the main feature that SociBot allows you to build a list and capture the audience of people that engage with your posts, the software has a huge list of awesome feautres that will help you to build your online business.

Under one dashboard, the SociBot platform has a wealth of features, including the ability to automatically respond to messages your fan page receives AND automatically respond to comments your fanpage receives by DIRECT messaging to the person via the FB inbox.

The SociBot software also has a unique feature that enables you to import anyone who has historically messaged your page, into a ‘list’ which you can then mass message.

SociBot also has a button generator tool which will allow you to place a button onto your website, blog or landing page which, when clicked, will open the Facebook messenger window, allowing your customers, prospects or viewers to message you direct.

My Personal Experience While Testing SociBot:

So let’s give a close look inside the SociBot.

First Things First.

SociBot team has created 6 Tutorial Videos with very clear instructions of how to set up Socibot setting, create fb app, how to use each feature etc…


In order to make SociBot work, integrate with your Fan pages etc… you will need to create a Facebook App and setup few settings. The process is very simple and if you follow the step by step and very clear instruction tutorial videos then you can have your Socibot work within 5-10 minutes!

I have mine setup and running within just 5 minutes (as I have a little experience with these types of softwares and the process)

But once again even you are completely newbie this will take just 10 minutes maximum!

Now when you setup the required settings you will be able to see all your fan pages on the SociBot Dashboard:

I really like the fact that Dashboard & Menu are very clear and user friendly!

In the past when I reviewed & tested similar softwares, I spent hours to understand how things work.

But this didn’t happen with Socibot! It’s very simple and easy to use software!

Now About The features:

I decided to just wirte few words about each feature here and then give you a demo video of Socibot so…

Messenger Bot – Feature:

Build Trust And Get Traffic With Facebook Badges!

Facebook awards pages that have over 90% response rates within 15 minutes or less. By being known as a “Fast Responder” on Facebook, you’ll build trust and get more referred traffic that’s ready to buy!

SociBot Automatically Responds To Any Private Messages You Receive!

Anytime a private message comes in, SociBot is ready to work for you by sending a response right away. This frees you up to do other things and prevents you from missing out on money-making opportunities.

You can even create a whole autoresponder series . For example you can set up a welcome message when semone sends you a message and at this message you can give them a list of “commands”

For example let’s say that in your welcome message you tell them:

“Thank you for contacting us bla bla…. if you have questions about billing, tech issues or product access issues write the word “Help” (another automatically message will be sent to them if they write “Help” and let’s say you will send them your support link), if you want to see our latest blog post & news write the word “Blog”   (another automatically message will be sent to them if they write “Blog” and let’s say you will send them your Website link) for anything else please let us know and one of our assistant we will get back to you as soon as possible.”

Can you see the power of this Feature?

You can make your Fan page and your Business looks like a very serious and professional Brand.

The first impression is the most important thing!

What will happen if you don’t use Socibot?

Imagine someone go on your Fan page and see “usually respond within 1 Day” and then he goes on another competitors Fan page and see “usually respond within 15 minutes”.

Which one do you believe the visitor trusts and follows more?

Correct! The one who responds faster!

People trust and love businesses that have fast support & good communication!

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Comment & Messege Reply – Feature:

Automatically Responds To Any Comments On Your Facebook Pages.

When someone leaves a comment on your Facebook pages, SociBot will respond with a comment or via a private Facebook message to the commenter depending on which option you choose.

All Messages Are Fully Customizable.

Everything is easy to customize right inside SociBot. You get to decide how SociBot responds, when it responds, and what it says.

If you use this feature the right way you can make a lot of bucks!

I have actually created a short report that I share couple of strategies that you can apply using Socibot in order to make money with it!

No matter what niche you are in… My strategies works on any niche!

So grab Socibot through my link and get my special bonus that was created for you!

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Subscribers – Feature:

Add Everyone That Messages You To A List!

If someone messages you, they are clearly interested in what you have to offer and either wants to buy or has a question.
You don’t get a hotter prospect than this, which is why SociBot automatically adds anyone that sends you a message to a list.

Import Contacts With A Few Clicks!

Socibot actually scans your fan pages and automatically imports all the contacts who have messaged you in the past.

Send Messages To Your Newly Created ‘Hot’ Lists!

Forget horrible email open rates…
Blast messages out to your newly-created HOT SociBot lists and enjoy 90-100% open rates.

Button Generator – Feature:

Add A Button To Your Website That Opens Up To A Facebook Messenger.

Engage with customers and prospects on Facebook right from your website with simple buttons that let you receive messages on Facebook from anywhere.

Simple grab a piece of code and paste it on your Website!

Now while I gave you an overview of the cool features that come with Socibot you can checkout a short Demo Video below!

Watch The Demo Video Here:

Why should you buy SociBot Pro?

  • You’ll Get More Leads
  • You’ll Become More Trusted On Facebook And Get More Traffic
  • You’ll Have More Buyers
  • You’ll Save Countless Hours And You Won’t Feel STUCK Having To Manage Your Facebook Messages All The Time – True FREEDOM!

It simply bits the competition! It’s the best and easiest messenger bot software out there and at the lowest price.

Here are some of the features and the benefits you get immediately when you invest on SociBot:

  • 100% Newbie Friendly “Cloud Based” Software
  • Nothing To Install or Download – Cloud Hosted
  • 6-In-1 Software Facebook Automation!
  • SociBot Acts As Your Personal Assistant
  • Total Facebook Control Whilst You Sleep
  • Get 100% FREE Targeted Traffic
  • Get MORE Leads & Sales With SociBot
  • Build A Facebook List Automatically
  • Mass Message Your List Direct To Messenger
  • Auto Respond To Comments On Your Fanpage
  • Auto Respond To Messages Fanpage Receives
  • Automatically Get Into Your Leads Facebook INBOX!
  • Connect SociBot To Your Existing Website
  • Automatically Engage With Your Customers
  • Automate All The Processes That Keep Your Business Running


You can get SociBot Pro for $27.95 at the Early Bird Price.

The price will increase every few hours until reach the price of $57.95.

This means that at the end of the launch you will have to pay $30 more!

So grab it right now while the price is still low!

==> Get SociBot at the Early Bird Price Now + All My Special Bonuses! <==

Upsells and OTOs:

Ok there are a couple of OTOs. I have to admit that I don’t like when vendors put many OTOs on the funnel but here’s the deal.

I will help you out and give full description of the otos and my personal advice about OTOs (which worth and which not… )

Before I start, I want to make clear that OTOs are optional and you can skip them. OTOs don’t need to affect you for picking up SociBot Pro Today!

As said on the beginning of SociBot Review , there are couple of other softwares that launched before and do what Socibot does but competitors try to sell you 2-3 features on the front end and then try to sell you additional features on the OTOs.

This is not happening with SociBot. You get all the core features on the Front End offer and this is what makes it value for money product! (Plus all the other reasons mentioned on this review above)

This is awesome decision from SociBot Team!

However there are couple of OTOs on the funnel and I will give you all the info right below:


Gold Upgrade – Ability to place chat box generator on your site/Quiz & Questionnaire theme

  • Chat box generator feature, which allows you to place the Facebook chat box onto your website, for example, in the bottom right hand corner, just like a live chat window, whereby visitors can speak to you directly. With this feature, the chat box can be programmed to pump out automatic responses depending on what the customer has asked.
  • This feature also has a unique quiz/give away bot built in, which will help you to build your list as you can use this feature to ask the visitor certain questions, and ultimately you give away things to the visitor or send them to places online depending on their answers.
  • You can also program this chat box to ask the visitor certain questions which can also be programmed with specified answers that lead onto the customer getting an automatic response. This is very powerful as it can be used to give the visitors things for free, or you could use this feature to send the visitors to certain pages or landing pages.

My Opinion: It seems very powerful however I believe that it’s something only few people will actually use. Sometimes tools like this take a lot of your valuable time and distract you from the real work. I believe that this tool fits better for those who have a blog/website with a lot of visitors & fits better for those who have ready ideas that they can apply using this tool!

My Advice is that OTO 1 is not worth your time and money if you don’t have already a lot of traffic in your site and ideas for using it in order to maximize your profits!


Elite Upgrade – Advanced training and case study to complement FE software

  • In short, this is a full length video series detailing how to use SociBot in the various ways, full installation guide etc
  • You will get PDF cheat sheets if you don’t wish to watch the videos
  • Further videos showing SociBot Team using their finished products to generate leads, get traffic and sales
  • Additional traffic rolodex of paid and free traffic sources SociBot Team use inside their business
  • Zero-cost business start up guide is also included which will show you how to setup your online business for zero cost

My Opinion: Ok this training is cool and maybe you need to consider purchasing the OTO 2. If you believe that you need an extra help, need to get more ideas or how you can start an online business with zero cost then this oto is for you!

My advice is that OTO 2 is worth the investment!


Platinum Upgrade – Ability to use our ‘Facebook Defender’ software add-on that allows you to remove spam comments from your pages

  • Facebook Defender is a uinuqe add-on that when activated allows you to remove spam and dirty comments of your facebook page automatically
  • The software will automatically filter comments that have words in, that you input into your ‘blacklist’ and remove those comments from the page
  • For example, words could be scam, spam, con, refund, support)

My Opinion: This is a nice OTO and can be very helpful. I believe that is fair enough to sell this as an Upgrade and not in the Front End. We all know that spammers are everywhere and especially in the IM and MMO niches. If you are ethical, deliver value and people love your work then spammers will not be a big issue for you.

But sometimes you can’t avoid spammers and trolls, even if you are the best guy in the world. I’m 50-50 about it. I will just say that it worths and is a great addon but totally up to you!

Right now you can get started with Socibot and if you feel that Facebook Defender is something you need then you can upgrade later!


Agency Rights Upgrade – Use SociBot on behalf of your clients and customers

  • You have opportunity to use SociBot on behalf of your own clients
  • Great for people who target local business, work offline and manage pages for those people

Skip This. It’s not worth in my opinion. If you need agency or sell SociBot as a service then maybe consider get the next one and not this one!


License Rights Upgrade – Rights to sell SociBot as your own

  • You gets rights to sell SociBot
  • You gets DFY email swipes to promote SociBot as your own product
  • Everything is done for you!
  • You also get a series of traffic videos to help you sell SociBot as your own, especially if you haven’t run traffic before
  • You also get access to Glynn via FB and Skype for any future help
  • Perfect for people who wants their own product to keep higher percentage profits when promoting!

I believe that it’s better to sell SociBot as your own and keep 100% of the profits.  This way your customers will have their own account and you will not have to manage their pages and their campaigns. This can be time consuming + most people prefer having their own account instead someone else manages their campaigns!

**Note OTO 4 and OTO 5 is only for people who want to make extra money by selling SociBot as a service or as their own. However in my opinion if you are beginner or an average marketer with not much experience I will recommend you to avoid buying something expensive that you will hardly make your investment back! 

With that been said and as I covered all the OTOs , I believe that the best value is delivered from OTO 2 & 3.

And of course all the other otos but under some specific conditions!

But Once again all the OTOs are optional and you can skip them.

SociBot Pro itself delivers tons of value , as it has many features on the FE alone!

You can get it at the lowest price possible here + my bounses!

My Bonuses:

When You purchase SociBot through my link you also get access to the follow High Quality and High Value bonuses:

Bonus #1 – Bonus Report Strategies for using SociBot – (How To make SociBot profitable and make your money back in no time By Alex Langidis)

Bonus #2 – Quiz Funnels Pro (Watch a demo video of Quiz Funnel here)

Bonus #2 – Sinfiltrator (Watch a demo video of sinfiltrator here)

Bonus #4 – Fb Link Post (Boost the Conversion Rate of Your Facebook Post Update! Facebook is one of the best channel to attract website traffic and visit your page offers. This WordPress plugin allows you to put clickable / linkable call to action graphics on Facebook, in your timeline, on your fan pages, and even in groups)

Bonus #5 – Fb Pixel Insert (Add a Facebook tracking pixel to all of your WordPress site pages and posts in seconds and start taking advantage of retargeting to increase your sales and conversions.)

Bonus #6 – Package with 150 Fb Ideas


Bonuses Delivery

After making your purchase, Download the TXT file marked as “Alex’s Bonuses” in your JVZoo membership to get instructions of how to access all the bonuses!

 *Just be doubly sure that you purchased through my recommendation link to qualify for this bonus bundle.

If you have any question or any issue, please open a ticket at at and we’ll help you out ASAP.

Conclusion – Closing:

Socibot is a solid cloud based software & if you use it the right way it can be a very profitable software!

SociBot Is Better Than Other Facebook ‘Messenger Bots’…

I have tested like 2 or 3 softwares like SociBot in the past.

They all cost x10 the price of the SociBot, they all offer way less features than Socibot & most of them are no user friendly!

So my conclusion is that SociBot is a Value For Money Software & definitely worth the investment!

I’m going to use it on my own business and my Fan Pages on various different niches & I suggest you do the same!

This is a Highly Recommended product!

=> Grab Socibot Today and Access All my Special Bonuses <=

To Your Success,


P.S. Extra Tip:

If you can understand the benefits you and your business get with Socibot and you are planning to invest on it then I suggest you do it right now, because every few hours price will be increased and at the end of the special launch SociBot will cost $30 more than it costs right now! Save $30 and get it at the Early Bird price for just $27.95 Today!

P.P.S. Questions or Comments?

I love hearing from you guys! So please just leave me a comment or question in the comments section below!

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