Top 7 Tips For Using Solo Ads When You Are Just Starting Out

1. You are paying for “clicks” not leads…. A click is a person viewing your page. Don’t expect to get 100 leads for 100 clicks. If you do above 40% you did great…. 40 leads.

2. Your funnel is the most important factor of a solo ad run… if your funnel isn’t good, or working 100%…. you will not have a successful run. Test, test, and test again every aspect of your funnel.  One broken link and your ad purchase is wasted.

3. Yes, you will have optins like [email protected] and f**[email protected]  This is because you are paying for REAL PEOPLE to visit your funnel, and real people do stupid stuff to see your offer (and not get on your email list). Don’t let that discourage you…  they opted in to see your offer and in the right situation they may convert.

4. Front end sales (immediate sales to your offer) are a BONUS.  The real income from a solo ad comes from list building and selling to those on your list in the future.  You may opt in someone today who does nothing and suddenly buys from you in four months. Don’t set yourself with too high of expectations for immediate sales. Look at what the solo ad purchase can bring you in commissions over 90-120 days as a judge of it’s success.

5. Don’t try and test the success of your funnel unless you run at least 300 clicks (minimum) to your offer.  It is far to random and the stats don’t even begin to become accurate until then.

6.  Make sure you have a strong email follow up series to market your initial offer.  Then… move into broadcast mode sending emails daily to your list to convert sales to other offers.

7. Email your list at LEAST once a day…  A lead on a list does no good until they buy.  “Buy or Opt Out!” Let your emails do the sorting…