Traffic Temperature Explained

Today I’m going to explain the online traffic temperature!

It may be the first time you listen about traffic temperature but at the end of this blog post hopefully you will have a better understanding of how “Traffic System” works…

Really Quick, Here Is What You Will Learn From This Post:

  1. Overview of Traffic Temperature
  2. Cold Traffic, Goals Of Cold Traffic & Type of Offers
  3. Warm Traffic, Goals Of Warm Traffic & Type of Offers
  4. Hot Traffic, Goals Of Hot Traffic & Type of Offers
  5. What’s Next?

I will try to keep this blog post short and straight to the point.

Most people have a serious problem with traffic and most of the time either blame the traffic source or the traffic courses they bought!

That’s why I decided to write this blog post in order to clarify and give you a better understanding of how traffic actually works nowadays.

Conversion problems mainly are not coming from traffic sources but from how you use the traffic.

So let’s get started…

Overview of Traffic Temperature:

In just few words:

In order to turn a regular visitor into a paying customer you must pass them through a specific process. (Like a Funnel)

Nowadays people easily recognize and detect ads! So it’s getting harder and harder to make people click on your ads, convert visitors into leads & turn leads into customers!

Before you even send traffic to your pages you need to understand who you’re talking to…

For example you would never send someone who just joined your email list or someone who just learned about your business/brand for the first time to buy your $297 product.

This is where most people go wrong!

Targeted Traffic doesn’t work anymore…

What I mean by this?

Well of course your traffic must be Targeted but this is not enough in order to turn visitors into buyers! As said before prospects are getting smarter over the years and it’s harder to convince them buy through your links or your products!

Few years ago sending targeted traffic to a sales page almost guaranteed results!

Today this doesn’t work…

People are used to these Squeeze pages, Sales Pages, Funnels, Ads etc… They know the process and that at the end you will try to sell them something.

If you want to make them buy then you need to approach them differently and not be greedy…

More especially,  when you want to turn visitors into customers, you have to warm them up otherwise you will probably fail!

That’s why we have different traffic temperatures that I’m going to analyze right below.

So let’s get started with the cold traffic where everything begins..!!

Cold Traffic:

Cold traffic are people who never heard of you or your business/brand.

This is where you must get started!

Before you ask someone to buy your product, you need to build a relationship with him.

Cold traffic is where you introduce yourself, your business/brand , you give value and you show your visitors that you know your stuff and what you are talking about.

Goals Of Cold Traffic & Type of Offers:

There are many different types of “offers” for cold traffic.

Just to name few of these cold traffic offers:

  • Blog Posts
  • Social Media Updates
  • Content Videos
  • Case Studies
  • Quiz/Surveys
  • Lead Magnets (Lead magnets mainly offered to warm traffic which will be explained later on this blog post however you can ask cold traffic for their email address, but only if the offer is very, very enticing & very specific) 

For example Blog Posts & Content Videos are the most prefered cold traffic “offers”.


Now let’s say that you master Email Marketing and you are running a facebook ad that sends cold traffic/audience to your Blog Post about “Email Marketing”. (Of course your Blog posts must be quality, must deliver value, introduce yourself/brand & set you as an expert in the field and someone who knows what is talking about.)

If cold traffic/audience clicks on your facebook ad, they’ll land on your blog post to read about email marketing. These people are interested enough in email marketing so you have to create a custom audience using facebook pixel!

By doing something like the above example you have completed the main 3 goals of cold traffic.  (Introduction, Pixelling, Segmentation)

You introduce yourself/brand to new audience and now they know who you are, they know that you are a valid/good source for their main interest (email marketing for our example) and they have get some value from you and your blog post!

Also you have pixelled those who clicked on your ads and landed on your blog post which gives you the ability to warm them up and segment them by offering them more relevant offers to their interest. (Read more about retargeting and pixel…)

This brings us to the next logical stage which in our Traffic Temperature is the WARM Traffic.

Warm Traffic:

These are people who you’ve introduced yourself to and they’ve shown interest in return.

In warm traffic are included people who may have opted in to your email list, people who have liked your Fan Page, followed you on social media or people who have visited your blog/websites and you have pixelled them!

For Example:

Maybe there are people who have visited your blog post but they didn’t opt-in on your lead magnet (inside your post or through banners on your blog) or didn’t buy your low ticket offer!

So you’re going to run retargeting ads to your warm traffic and encourage your warm audience to take the next step. (convert prospect to a lead or buyer.)

Goals Of Warm Traffic & Type of Offers:

There are 2 main goals of warm traffic and these are:

  • Generate Leads
  • Low Dollar Sales

and in order to achieve those goals above you can send warm traffic to one of the above offers:

  • Lead Magnets
  • Free or Paid Webinars
  • Flash Sales
  • Low Dollar Offers (Tripwires)
  • Book (Free or Paid)
  • Software/Plugin
  • Free Trial/Product Demo

As said & already mentioned above, warm traffic is an audience who knows you and they only need some extra push in order to convert them into leads or buyers.

***NOTE: Because Lead Magnet is an “offer” that can be used in both Cold and Warm traffic and in order to avoid any missunderstanding about Lead Magnets, let’s give some really quick examples.

So for example if in cold traffic you send audience to Blog Post probably in warm traffic you may want to send audience to a Lead Magnet and try to convert your warm traffic into leads and later into buyers.

In the other hand if in cold traffic you choose to send audience to Lead Magnet, now you probably want to send your warm traffic to a Low Dollar Offer (Tripwire)!

So it totally depends on the traffic strategy you have chosen!!!

What you have to keep in mind is that in this stage (warm traffic) is where you have to turn prospects into leads and then into buyers!

And of course the next thing in traffic temperature is the HOT Traffic.

Hot Traffic:

Hot Traffic is your Buyers!

These are people who know you really well and they have bought something from you!

At this stage you have a different relationship with those people and you mainly connect with them through email marketing and retargeting ads!

This is the best and most converting traffic you can have!

Goals Of Hot Traffic & Type of Offers:

The main goals of Hot Traffic are:

  • Repeated Customers
  • High Ticket Sales

So you can send them “offers” like:

  • Other Of Your Products
  • High-Dollar Offers
  • Done For You Services

More especially:

You can keep your existing customers active by offering them your other products (if you have any) or send them quality affiliate offers related to their interest.

And of course you can increase your customers value by offer them your High Ticket products or Done For You Services. In other words, try to upsell them your higher priced offers!

What’s Next?

You can’t send targeted traffic to a sales page and expect conversions just because traffic is targeted.

As soon as you understand the traffic temperature the faster you will be able to move cold traffic to hot buyers who will buy from you over and over again.

Hopefully by now you must have a better understanding of how traffic works nowadays !

Here is a mind map I made that explains a simple traffic strategy & how traffic temperature works:

(click on the image for zoom in…)

Remember people buy from businesses,brands and marketers who know, like and trust.

People don’t give their hard earned money to anonymous marketers or businesses/brands they don’t know.(Even when they come across products that are related to their interests)

With that been said the next time you plan your traffic strategy you may consider everything you learned from this blog post.


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